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-Four Star General- Budget Buds


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Limit of 1 oz per customer
Bud Size
: Small-Medium
Texture: Med Sugar, Med Dense
Flavour: Earhy
Nose Strength: Med
THC Content – 20%
Common Usage – Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression
Effects – Sleepy, Hungry, Creative

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About Four Star General Strain

Breeders in Seattle have got it goin’ on, as they tend to crank out some of the most incredible strains the country has seen. Individuals at Fire Bros. are no exception to this rule, as Four Star General will completely knock you on your ass in the best way possible. A cross of Stardawg and Tres Dawg, this indica-dominant strain will provide you with perhaps the best night of your life.

Novice smokers take note – you may want to steer very clear of Four Star General. Testing has uncovered THC levels reaching as high as 30%, and while average results are a bit lower at 22%, this strain is still strong enough to mess with you if you aren’t careful. Nugs impart a complex flavor of earth, spice, diesel, and sweet notes, but do tend to sour up a bit as you smoke. A sight to behold, you’ll find buds include a range of bright colors and have a very fiery appearance to them.

Medical patients love Four Star General for its potency and ability to wipe out mental angst with ease. While it can be used to treat instances of bodily pain due to its all-over effects, users typically find that their mental concerns are most positively affected by this strain. Anxiety, stress, and depression are no match for the wave of bliss that overtakes you during this intense high.

If Four Star General sounds like a dream come true, you just might have to get your hands on some seeds and start your own garden. Home cultivators report that this strain is easy to grow and in a mere 7 to 10 weeks you’ll have your hands on some beautifully intense looking buds. Sticky with resin and covered in red-orange hairs, the sight alone is enough to make you want to plant this strain.

Remember, if you plan on having a productive day, save Four Star General for the evening time. Just a few hits of this powerful strain will leave you glued to your couch without a care in the world, so make sure to get your to-do list out of the way first. Those who enjoy intense flavor combinations with an equally intense set of effects might call this strain their new best friend.

Budget Buds

28 Grams (OUNCE), 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

8 reviews for -Four Star General- Budget Buds

  1. Raymond

    Four star general is good for the price, the buds are medium in size and dry, I added a boveda pack and the smell ant taste was good as well. Burns a bit funny before adding thebeveda pkgs but with them the smell, taste and burn were better.
    Great product overall

  2. Chloe Wilks

    All I can say is wow I was going to cut the grass until I got high until I smoked in the Four Star General recommend this to everyone

  3. Angelica Gilbert

    Nice heavy couch locker here. Great kushy smell. Nice dense terpy nuggets didn’t disappoint.

  4. ChristineRich

    Nice dense buds, tasted good, and was pretty decent overall

  5. Calli John

    Nice rock hard buds indicative of a perfect grow and cure. The taste is phenomenal with a clean and smooth draw, leaving you in a state of relaxation and bliss. Will buy again.

  6. Lori Mays

    Great for the price!! Good for couch sitting and no motivation!!

  7. Roxanne Mckenna

    Always a good choice even for the price! Nice strong high that helps me feel relaxed, pain-free and ready for a restful sleep.

  8. Kasey Lowe

    Good stuff! classic strain. Mellow flavour. Always top notch service from Bulkweed. Would buy again on sale!

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