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Bud Size: Small-Med-Large

Texture: SUPER CAKED, Very High Sugar, Very Dense

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Nutty

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 27-29%

Common Usage – Depression, Stress, PSTD, chronic pain

Effects –Relaxed, uplifted, happy

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MAC Cannabis Strain Review:

MAC Effects:

Relaxed, uplifted, happy

MAC May Help Relieve:

Depression, Stress, PSTD, chronic pain

3 Highlights of MAC

  • A social strain and also perfect for creative endeavours
  • MAC has a smooth flavour, floral scents and an earthy finish
  • It is relaxing but not overly sedating

MAC Strain Introduction

If you’ve ever been curious about what a cannabis strain would taste like if aliens made it, Miracle Alien Cookies is for you.

MAC is a cross between Colombian, Alien Cookies, and Star fighter. This herb’s flavour is reminiscent of lemonade and has some earthy undertones. The strain’s aroma is sweet and floral, with notes of pine and citrus.

The high of MAC (miracle alien cookies) Cannabis Strain is potent and can be felt throughout the body. It starts with a warm and heavy body buzz that spreads quickly, turning into a headrush that makes you feel like you’re floating away from your body. This then turns into an intense body high that keeps you feeling good at all times and wanting more.

The herb’s effects are smooth but will leave you feeling more energetic after smoking it. It makes a great daytime smoke; you’ll be able to focus on the conversation without getting too high or feeling drowsy afterwards.

MAC has been known to be a social strain, making it perfect for hanging out with friends or going on a date. It also works well in creative endeavours because it helps you focus better on whatever project you may be handling.

Effects of MAC Marijuana Strain

The high of Miracle Alien Cookies cannabis strain is relaxing and uplifting, with a happy, euphoric feeling. It starts with an initial “tingle” in the head and body that gradually builds as you take in more of the product. You can feel it throughout your body, and it’s almost like your brain is melting away into nothingness for a few minutes.

After that initial tingle subsides, though, you’ll find yourself feeling even happier than before. You may find yourself laughing for no reason, or you’ll feel like everything is going well in your life! Either way, an incredibly happy high makes you want to be around people you love and spend time with them.

The effect of Miracle Alien Cookies lasts anywhere from 3-4 hours, depending on how much you take. The more you take, though, the longer it lasts.

Appearance, Flavor, & Aroma of MAC

The appearance of this strain is as gorgeous as it is unique. The nugs are covered in a glistening white resin that looks like it was just painted on. The buds are deep, glowing white and feature an abundance of bright orange pistils that look like they were drawn with a paintbrush.

Citrus, orange and pepper are the first things you’ll notice about the taste and smell of MAC. After the initial burst of citrusy goodness fades away (or maybe it just seems that way because it’s so strong), your taste buds are met with a floral scent and an earthy finish.

You get a nice mix of warm herb and sweet citrus notes on the inhale. The citrus notes are very light and sweet, but they give some momentum to this blend. The earthy tones come through on the exhale and are pretty pleasant. It is one of those blends that makes you want to keep smoking until you run out of it! Terpenes like Myrcene, Terpinolene, Limonene and Pinene dominate this strain and give it its characteristic taste profile.

Medical Uses of MAC

In the world of cannabis, there are a lot of strains. But if you want to treat your chronic illnesses with some help, you might consider Miracle Alien Cookies. These cookies are a hit with medical marijuana patients because they can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep quality. The MAC weed strain is an absolute game-changer for those struggling with insomnia or chronic pain.

Possible Side Effects

If you’re new to cannabis or are just trying it for the first time, you might notice some side effects. You might feel anxious, dizzy or dry-eyed when using MAC. This is normal and not a sign that something is wrong with your body—it’s just how your body is getting used to the high levels of THC in cannabis.

Final Words

The first thing you’ll notice about the MAC cannabis strain is that it smells strongly of citrus. Most strains smell more elementally of one thing, whether grass or fruit, but this scent is unique and pleasant. This strain provides a mellow high; social, creative and even used for medicinal purposes for some.

MAC weed strain is an excellent choice for anyone looking to relieve their minor pains while they’re high and feeling creative. MAC’s medicinal appeal will likely attract many users, and the mild, pleasant effects that come with this strain will be enough to have others following suit. If you’re looking for a nice blend between Indica and Sativa and a pleasant mix of social and sedative effects, the MAC cannabis strain is worth a try.


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28 reviews for MAC AAAA Budget Buds

  1. petejohnson

    This stuff chills me out with seconds. Nice slow evolving head high and really smooth smoke and nice taste. Be sure to work your way up until you get a good idea of how much to use. Could be a everyday smoke.

  2. Maldonado

    What a great bud!! Would buy more and again!

  3. Max Khan

    Tight fruity tasting buds, great buzz, good for daytime but not a bad contender for night time as well

  4. Kyle Nichols

    definitely going to have to order more! very sweet-smelling and a very tasty smoke

  5. Austin

    Nice and fluffy nugs, really good morning or daytime weed!

  6. Princess Boyle

    Definitely recommend to any who have never tried it.

  7. Noor Perez

    Absolutely satisfied with the MAC!! One of my most favourite and was thrilled to receive it!!

  8. Francesca Watson

    Great product at a great price!! Grinded super nicely , smoked really well and hit like a ton of bricks

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