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If you want to buy weed in this province, BulkWeedInbox is the best dispensary. Learn more about Nova Scotia and how easy it can be for customers who are looking at getting their hands on some premium product delivered right when they need it with a mail-order bud service!

Some people move to Nova Scotia for the coast and its beautiful beaches, but there’s plenty of it accessible so you’ll never be bored. Some get sick of big city expenses while others find that lower cost living here is refreshing; whatever your reason may be doesn’t really matter because this place has something in store no matter what!

Bulkweedinbox! Bulk weed at your doorsteps. Residents of West Hants, Sidney, Glace Bay and all the other towns in Nova Scotia don’t have to drive for cannabis any more with BulkWeedinBox online dispensary service that delivers both medical marijuana and Adult Use Cannabis products right up until you receive it on site or schedule an appointment time frame as soon as possible because supplies are limited due to federal restrictions.

The coastlines in Nova Scotia are a sight for sore eyes. The 13,300 gorgeous coastal areas make this province so different and unique! A dispensary should be able to help you out no matter where along these beautiful shores – there’s one that services Sidney and  West Hants right now: BulkWeedInbox dispensary is your go-to choice if only because they deliver buds straight from their supplier across Canada into Glace Bay as well!


With COVID rampaging around the world, our producers and manufacturers have been following Canada Health‘s guidelines carefully to prevent any spread or contagion. If you’re looking for a dispensary near you then look no further because we’ve got your back!


Canadians may be known for their friendliness, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know everything. Canadians are discreetly delivering cannabis across the province and it’s your choice who knows about them! Our products will come in beautifully vacuum sealed bags with Canada Post as an added security measure because of its non-descript packaging (just like Amazon Prime!). The next time you need some medicinal or recreational pot delivered right away without being detected by law enforcement at all costs – call us today !!!

Another thing that sets us apart from other dispensaries is our commitment to discretion. Your billing statements will not show mention of cannabis, nor are you required to provide any identifying information unless it’s for an Interac eTransfer purchase!


If you’re going to an event and would rather not have people know about your high, we suggest edibles. Our Bud Edibles – Mixed Berries (300mg THC) deliver a great buzz without the skunky smell of cannabis that will likely follow them around for hours after consuming just one! Available here in store or online from our dispensary towards Halifax (COVID).

Halifax, a bustling city with plenty of life to experience has banned public smoking and vaping except for designated areas. If you’re not comfortable rolling joints inside your own home or want an alternative when going out then our concentrates, Lit Extracts Rockstar Live Resin  and Lit Extracts Girl Scout Cookies Shatter will do the trick!

It’s a great idea to get out of town and enjoy some judgement-free time while high. There are plenty of things you can do, such as going whale watching or hiking in Cape Breton Highlands and wine tasting in the vineyards of Annapolis Bay.


We’re an online weed dispensary serving the entire country. Our stock is varied and diverse, which means we offer high-quality products at fair prices – with organic flowers that you can order from anywhere in Canada! We believe marijuana has significant potential as a medicine for people who are struggling everyday; some of our customers have found CBD oil to be their saving grace when living with chronic pain or anxiety attacks. The benefits of cannabis are many and varied. Do you want help with insomnia? Anxiety attacks? Maybe just enjoy a puff-p Pass from time to time! Whatever your reason, this Mary Jane will put you right again. 


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