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The Northwest Territories is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, but it’s also wild. You’ll find that there are four different borders in this territory: Nunavut to the east; Saskatchewan south along with British Columbia and Alberta border crossings down either side of you – not forgetting about Yukon which lies westward across all these countries!

The tundra is a land of extremes. The severity of its cold, minus 25 degree celsius can take your breath away, and yet those endless summer days may shock you with their heat as it gets up to 30 degrees Celsius in southern parts during some winter. It’s truly an immense place that has very few dispensaries for people living there – unless they live near Yellowknife where the population hovers around 20K!


Whether you frequent the marijuana dispensary in Yellowknife or Inuvik, it’s important to investigate your options. If an online cannabis store is more convenient for yourself then Northwest Territories dispensaries offer reliable service with a variety of choices that can meet any need from those who just want some flowers at home Range of Prices. Everyone wants cheap mail-order buds, but it’s important to find a balance of quality to price. Does the dispensary offer different levels of quality and prices?

  • Quality of products: Be careful if you spot deals that seem too good to be true. When it comes to cannabis flower, make sure the product isn’t stale or dried out before purchasing and ask about its source; British Columbia is known for producing high quality weeds!
  • Price of Products: Don’t end up at a tourist trap in Toronto and pay inflated prices for weed. When you plan on getting your cannabis from the mail or going into dispensaries, figure out what strains are being sold first!
  • Diversity of Products: How well-stocked is the store or online dispensary? People use cannabis for a variety of reasons. The different strains on the market, sativa vs indica dominant and variety products such as concentrates have all been created to elicit specific effects or experiences with one goal in mind: offering relief from pain without causing any side effect that would make them feel worse than what they were going through before using marijuana medicinally.
  • Customer Service: The best dispensaries will have people readily available to answer your questions and help you get on with your purchase. The average waiting time for a customer support ticket is less than five minutes.
  • Secured Payment Method: Many online dispensaries in Canada only permit the e-Transfer method of payment when you make a purchase. Be sure to check that your chosen dispensary will accept this before making any purchases from them! A secure processor does not mean it’s safe, though; always use caution and exercise due diligence when purchasing marijuana products via credit card or debit alike through our site at BulkWeedInbox.


Shop for your next supply of BC Bud at the best dispensary in town. With a wide selection that includes sativa, indica and hybrid strains as well as edibles with concentrates or CBD products on top we have what you’re looking for!

Our enthusiasm for cannabis led us to launch our online dispensary so that Canadians could have easy access, no matter where they are in the country. We want everyone who lives with exciting opportunities and options close by; try something new from a store far away! With BulkWeedInbox, You’ll never be without choices again because there is always an option just around every corner waiting patiently for you.


The Northwest Territories are a hot spot for those looking to experience the Northern Lights, but it’s not just tourists that can enjoy this wonder. Why get sedated by light-deprivation when you have cannabis? Burn some of our Buddha Boys Craft – Blueberry Haze and let tranquility enhance your view without hindering enjoyment!

Spend a few days in the beautiful, serene national park of Nahanni. Spend your time hiking or canoeing and take advantage of this paradise that nature has provided for all its visitors- be sure to pack some Bliss Edibles!

You don’t want to miss out on the community festivals, but you can loosen up and be discreet by hitting one of our vape pens that will get you high without leaving behind a smell.


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