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You came to the right place! If you’re looking for quality marijuana at an affordable price, we have what’s best in Quebec weed. No matter if your order is small or large; just browse BulkWeedInbox  and choose our vast selections.

Before you get caught in a tourist trap and end up paying exorbitant prices for mediocre nugs, or order online from a shady supplier only to receive dried out stale buds at your doorstep; find out what quality dispensaries are available. Furthermore we will provide a quick overview of Quebec as well highlight some things worth seeing while visiting this beautiful province!


The capital city of Quebec is known for two very vibrant cities in the southern part – Montréal and Quebec city. People from here speak French, it’s home to many historical sites dating back centuries ago that are still being used today by locals as well tourists visiting from around Canada or even abroad! The Ontario province borders this area on its western side while New Brunswick borders Québec southeastern; Newfoundland Labrador border lies north eastwards towards Nunavut Territory at the northernmost tip.

The City of Montréal, Canada’s largest metropolis with an estimated population nearing 6 million people and home to the second-largest French speaking population in North America after Paris! It is also a historic lieu where you will find Vieux-Montréal – reminiscent of old Europe thanks to its cobblestone streets lined by Gothic Revival basilicas like Notre Dame Basilica. I recommend taking one block at time as there are so many beautiful things worth discovering along rue Saint Paul or place d’Armes; stay long enough though because sooner than later someone else might swoon over your amazing discovery just like they did before from afar.

Québec City is a lovely metropolis that has retained much of its colonial history. The Place Royale, historic harbour and Vieux Port are all worth checking out while you’re catching up on some caffeine buzz in town! You can also Party Harder at night with trendy café dispensaries for amazing experiences along the canal Saint-Jean or head over to Atwater Avenue if your heart desires something more fashionable before coming home again later this evening.


Before you spend your hard-earned money at some random marijuana dispensary in Quebec, do a little research first. There are certain things that one should consider when considering whether the store is reliable online dispensaries across Canada!

1. Quality.

Appearance: The bud is vibrant in green, not brownish with no stem while covered in trichomes. 

Smell: The smell should be overwhelmingly strong to indicate its freshness.

Density: When you break apart a nug with your hands it should break with ease, if it’s like clay and compacts even more than before then that is an indication of improper drying.

Taste: The last indication of good weed is the taste it delivers when smoked or vaporized. If you get a nice combination of different flavors without being harsh on your throat, then that’s a sign that what was just burned was indeed high quality bud!

2. Selection.

The dispensary should have products that match your needs. A solid cannabis store will carry a variety of high-quality items with popular strains, and also offer some rarer options for those die-hard enthusiasts out there looking to try new things!

3. Customer service.

A good dispensary will have great customer service. While walking into a marijuana store in Montréal, Quebec does one come across an eager budtender ready to help with their search? On an online shopping site like BulkWeedInbox where inquiries are answered quickly by a chat box on the lower left corner of your screen–you can ask any questions right away!

4. Loyalty Rewards

At BulkWeedInbox, we love our customers. We show it by giving points with every purchase and letting you  decide what to do next – whether it’s discounts or gifts!


Buying marijuana online is so much easier than driving to a dispensary. However, if you’re into the scene and like cannabis cafés or dispensaries don’t fret because there will always be options in Montréal  and Québec City .

Shop around and order some of the best weed in Canada today! With COVID-19, many people are turning to dispensaries for their mail-ordered bud. BulkWeedInbox offers shipping all over this beautiful country so you don’t have to be afraid if it’s not somewhere near where you live.