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If you’re thinking about buying live resin in bulk, BWIB has the lowest price online plus over a dozen of strains to choose from. is a reputable online dispensary that cares about our customers.  Check out what our customers say about us!

There are several different factors that go into choosing the best deal on live resin concentrates online. The two most important is Quality & Price. BWIB carefully lab-test all our live resin products before selling them. Live Resin concentrates can be very expensive, but not at! Shop at BWIB to get an exceptional price on a high-quality product.

You can mix and match to get discounts and try different flavors at the same time. It’s a win-win situation when you buy live resin online at BWIB.

If you suffer from back pain, can’t sleep, or just have anxiety, then resin concentrates should be something you consider. For those with chronic pain, Live Resin can provide temporary relief from the pain and even bring on a feeling of euphoria to brighten up your day. Resin concentrates is known to help with sleep issues such as insomnia or aid in a restless night’s sleep for those with too much anxiety or stress.

Live resin is one of the latest trends in cannabis industry. It’s a way to preserve the natural terpene content found in plants so that you get a more flavourful and medicinal benefits. Terpenes are what give cannabis its flavor, aroma, and effects. Live resin is made when farmers remove trichomes from freshly harvested plants. Then they’re allowed to dry for an extended period of time before being processed into concentrate form.

This process ensures that you’ll be getting the best taste and experience possible. At BWIB, you can be sure that all our Live Resin products are lab-tested & taste-tested before we sell them online.

Mix and Match different strains for the lowest prices here!

Live Resin Mix & Match

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(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Live Resin Mix & Match


(224 Grams) Half Pound - Live Resin Mix & Match


(448 Grams) Pound - Live Resin Mix & Match


2 x 14 Grams - Live Resin Mix & Match


4 x 14 Grams - Live Resin Mix & Match


Lit Extracts 94 Octane Live Resin


Lit Extracts Chocolate Kush Live Resin


Lit Extracts Cookies and Cream Live Resin


Lit Extracts Dragon's Breath Live Resin


Lit Extracts El Jefe Live Resin


Lit Extracts Gas Mask Live Resin


Lit Extracts Holy Grail Live Resin


Lit Extracts Kush Mints Live Resin


Lit Extracts Lime Sorbet Live Resin


Lit Extracts Mike Tyson OG Live Resin


Lit Extracts Mimosa Live Resin


Lit Extracts Purple Haze Live Resin


Lit Extracts Tangerine Haze Live Resin


Lit Extracts Watermelon Kush Live Resin

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