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New Brunswick is a haven for seafood, French-Canadian culture and language, as well as an excellent place to get your weed. You’ll find plenty of beautiful beaches with miles upon miles containing some world class waves that are perfect for surfing or just enjoying yourself in; there’s also two official languages here. Lobster and French fries are in abundance here, along with your quality bud favorites including:

  • Gelato
  • White Death
  • Greasy Monkey


There are a few different tricks that are unique to New Brunswick. If you haven’t visited Magnetic Hill in Moncton, then make sure your car is in neutral and buckle up before driving on the gravity hill! It may look scary from outside but don’t worry–it’s actually called “gravity.”

The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in all creation, which makes for an interesting phenomenon. They rise about 1 meter per hour and cause rivers that flow backwards twice a day!

The Stonehammer GeoPark is home to caves and rock formations that date back one billion years. That’s a mind-trip right there!

From June to October, New Brunswick is a mecca for whale watching. The Bay of Fundy and Grand Manan offer visitors the opportunity to see 12 different species of whales including North Atlantic Right Whales whose numbers are currently below 400 worldwide!


The province is home to a number of inventions and innovations that have changed the world, including blueprints for puzzles or games like crosswords. This includes some really unique items such as snowblowers which could easily be used in other environments where there are intense amounts of cold weather- usually reserved only during winter months! The most recent innovation here? Cannabis products delivered right at your doorstep with no wait time thanks to BulkWeedInbox  online dispensary set up shop near Saint John New Brunswick Canada !!!


Buying weed online is the way to go if you want a quality product at an affordable price. You won’t have any problems finding what your heart desires, and with our discreet shipping options there’s no need for uncomfortable small talk when picking up your order!

Our products are available for your browsing, and we have detailed descriptions of each one. You don’t need a salesperson telling you which bud to buy because this decision is all about what’s best for YOU! Whether it be hybrid or indica strains, there will always be something that meets whatever preferences someone might have without fail in our store online today.


For all of your THC needs, look no further than the New Brunswick dispensary online. We offer an extensive selection that includes cookies and candy as well! For those who want a stronger high there’s artisanal hash or responsibly-crafted edibles like gummy bears dipped in shatter to get you feeling amazing fast–and if vapes aren’t for you we also carry tinctures so make sure to stop by BulkWeedInbox  today.

We offer a wide range of CBD products for pain relief without the high. Our tinctures, edibles and more are available to anyone searching for alternatives from traditional methods of managing anxiety. Here’s what some happy customers think about us:


We are here for you in New Brunswick. We will do everything we can to make sure that this is the best online dispensary and cannabis experience around! Our promises to you:

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