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  1. 89408

    Serena Gibson

    I havent even opened the bag yet, but its chunky as fuck, sick new package design. I know whats coming, and i know its gonna be 5 stars.

  2. 253067

    R Ochoa

    I’m new to ordering shrooms online, times before it was far and few shroom dealers. But I ordered a half oz and when it arrived I was impressed with the packaging and the care that went into it. The half oz was damn near a Oz almost 21 grams in this bag. Look forward to a long and hopefully sweet trip.

  3. 257559

    Kiana Sparks

    Crumbles smoothly with weed in a joint, enhancing the body buzz.

  4. 58390

    Mya Boyle

    I’ve tried the golden teachers, B+, Cambodian and blue meanies so far and the BM are the most powerful the GT are the most spiritual although thats subjective. The Cambodian are energetic and racy and the b+ where not as strong for me but still very effective. been on 100s of trips with Bulkweed mushrooms and never had a problem.

  5. 257835

    M Delgado

    I mixed them with golden teachers, insane!!

  6. 257552

    Neha Landry

    High-quality hash with a smooth texture. I highly recommend it.

  7. 52149

    Jimmy Slater

    Brings back memories of my youth. Great quality and buzz and so nice to smoke!

  8. 93111


    This strain is always a nice change of pace for me. I love the taste and aroma but the buzz isnt as strong as usual.

  9. 78021

    Sam Barnes

    very good stuff. Has a super relaxing buzz!

  10. 190654

    Steve Mooney

    Very nice product and good price. The taste is awesome.

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