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  1. 171


    This is a nice little cloud to float around on. Perfect cure as well.

  2. 195568


    Great hash love the flavour and the smell, I would definitely recommend to others who like a strong high, and a little goes a long way.

  3. 195568


    Great hash it has a nice smell as soon as you open the package. You only need a little, as a little goes along way as the high is very intense and next time I need hash this one might just be the new one I buy from now on.

  4. 218162


    Great product, nice high, very relaxing and wish more skunk products with this amount of thc was readily available!

  5. 184597

    Eddie Carlson

    I'm really enjoying this wonderful strain right now. I love the flavours and the get up and go feeling from it.

  6. 107221

    Lani M

    Im so glad this are back here. Ive wanted to try this strain for ever. very happy

  7. 145923

    Harvie Mills

    Great tasting bud! What a fun positive happy high. Recommend!! Great product and service! 4.5 stars

  8. 2476


    I am a beginner. and i love it. i will try all your products

  9. 20724


    It’s a nice high to keep me active on days and helps me relax at night! Everyone needs to be energetic!

  10. 50147


    Mango is an interesting strain, you can really taste it within the sweetness of the bud. Will buy again

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