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Buying and using cannabinoids online can be a great way to get the most out of your cannabis. While there are many different brands and products available, we’ve put together the best THC distillate products that you can find. With a variety of strains, flavors, and doses, we’ve got you covered at BWIB. is a reputable online dispensary that cares about our customers.  Check out what our customers say about us!

THC distillate is an exceptionally purified type of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) made from weed. The actual item resembles a thick oil that can be a clear liquid or a golden honey color. Refining takes out everything from plant lipids to terpenes and manipulates the process into one cannabinoid. It has a very high potent THC content and is an exceptionally powerful concentrate.

THC distillate is not for beginners. The high potency of the extract is much stronger than other concentrates, which means you will definitely get a more intense high with only using a small amount. With that mentioned, the oil can be used in a number of ways such as adding to drinks, edibles, or straight on your tongue – just be sure to use a small amount so you don’t overdo it.

The primary advantage of distillate is that it is incredibly potent. You only need a small amount to get the high. The primary advantage of distillate is that it is incredibly potent. You only need a small amount to get the euphoric high as the oil will be almost pure THC content.

Alternatively, if you are consuming a CBD distillate, you will take advantage of the restorative benefits and pain relief of CBD but it will be without the high.

You can connect with our customer service to find the ideal hash concentrates at We have the best choice for high-quality products.

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Blossom Extracts - Girl Scout Cookies THC Distillate Syringe


Blossom Extracts - Gorilla Glue THC Distillate Syringe


Lit Extracts THC Distillate in Jars (Delta-8)


Lit Extracts THC Distillate in Jars (Delta-9)


Mary's Medibles Honey Tears w/ NZ Manuka Honey (1ml)


THC Distillate Syringes - 1 ML

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