Looking for the best marijuana dispensary in Edmonton? If you want a simple, easy buying experience – then Bulkweedinbox is your go-to store. Bulkweedinbox delivery right to ours customers’ doorsteps!


The best place in Alberta to buy weed is our online dispensary. Not only does it have a wide Alberta variety of products, but through our website, you can also order marijuana straight from your home!


Online shopping for weed has become the best way to get your hands on products from all over Alberta. You won’t have any trouble finding brick and mortar dispensaries in this province, but if you want top-quality nugs at an affordable price then buying online makes sense!


The best marijuana cultivation in Canada comes from British Columbia. With BC being our neighbor, Albertans can expect shipping to be between 1-2 days after it’s been processed.

Thanks to our strict and rigorous quality assurance, the finest buds in British Columbia are now available for you. All of these marijuana products come vacuum-sealed so that they remain fresh at any given time before being delivered straight from your nearest grower with Health Canada’s approval as well!


Alberta is among the most beautiful and fossil-rich parts of Canada. It’s home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are sure not only attract tourists but also preserve rare species for future generations Alberta: A Land Of Endless Natural Beauty.

Calgary is a stoner’s paradise, according to one article in Cannabis News Canada. The cannabis community of this province is oftentimes as such and it seems like they really mean business when referring to so many positive connotations with that title!

“Calgary is a lively city with fun activities to keep you entertained all year long. If you are in the city from April till let’s say September, the weather is really nice! However, Calgary does have very long, chilly winters stretching from October to March. Nevertheless, there are plenty of fun activities for a stoner to do indoors, and in the great outdoors.”


How do you know you’re getting the best bud for your buck? Whether you plan on heading to an actual walk-in dispensary or an online dispensary, there are features you should check in advance. 

  • Quality of products: Be careful if you spot deals that seem too good to be true. When it comes to cannabis flowers, make sure the product isn’t stale or dried out before purchasing and ask about its source; British Columbia is known for producing high-quality weeds!
  • Price of Products: Don’t end up at a tourist trap in Toronto and pay inflated prices for weed. When you plan on getting your cannabis from the mail or going into dispensaries, figure out what strains are being sold first!
  • Diversity of Products: How well-stocked is the store or online dispensary? People use cannabis for a variety of reasons. The different strains on the market, Sativa vs India dominant and a variety of products such as concentrates have all been created to elicit specific effects or experiences with one goal in mind: offering relief from pain without causing any side effect that would make them feel worse than what they were going through before using marijuana medicinally.
  • Secured Payment Method: Many online dispensaries in Canada only permit the e-Transfer method of payment when you make a purchase. Be sure to check that your chosen dispensary will accept this before making any purchases from them! A secure processor does not mean it’s safe, though; always use caution and exercise due diligence when purchasing marijuana products via credit card or debit alike through our site at BulkWeedInbox.
  • Customer Service: The best dispensaries will have people readily available to answer your questions and help you get on with your purchase. The average waiting time for a customer support ticket is less than five minutes.

Buy Weed in Alberta

(112 Grams) Caviar Quarter Pound - Mix & Match

Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Budder Mix & Match

Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Diamonds Mix & Match

From: $1,110.00
Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Hash Mix & Match

From: $376.20
Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Live Resin Mix & Match

Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Shatter Mix & Match

Select any 4 (28 gram) options of

(224 Grams) Caviar Half Pound - Mix & Match

Select any 8 (28 gram) options of

(224 Grams) Half Pound - Budder Mix & Match

Select any 8 (28 gram) options of
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