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The recent coronavirus outbreak has caused more people than ever before in Yukon to buy weed online. However, there is still a limited selection and high prices at brick-and-mortar dispensaries that offer cannabis products close by you.

The novel coronavirus was a big problem for many as it compromised their health leaving them feeling unwell and anxious.  This prompted an increase of Canadians who looked elsewhere towards CBD infused oil tinctures which provide relief without the psychoactive effects associated with THC from marijuana plants because getting “high” makes someone feel happy rather than sleepy like other medications do when taken orally.

The Yukon Territory is one of the smaller territories in North America, with a small sparse population and geography. It sits between Northwest Territories to its east; Alaska to the west; as well as British Columbia which borders it on their southern side. There are dispensaries in Whitehorse and Dawson City. Despite its vast wilderness, the Yukon is a place where you can find anything your heart desires. You’ll be lighting up some of Canada’s finest buds in no time with our quick and easy mail order service!

Finding a Suitable Dispensary in the Yukon

Variety – Peruse the dispensary’s offerings  Does it offer a large selection of products? How about other THC and CBD items such as hash, vapes, edibles, oils?

Price Points – You might not be able to afford your favourite nug or you may never spend below a certain price, but it is worth noting if dispensaries offer different-priced items. This indicates the dispensary’s ability to serve clients from all walks of life which means they put time and effort into selecting high quality products that are both affordable for those with lower incomes as well as valuable inclusions among customers who have higher income levels

Product Descriptions – Are there descriptions of each strain and product available? If so, are these unique to each item? Do they describe the flavour as well as it’s effects on you? Fleshed out product descriptions shows a commitment is made by those who sell these cannabis products because not only do they care about their craft but also make sure customers receive accurate information when purchasing something online or in-person

Customer Reviews – What is the customer experience like? How responsive are they? Do they include their reviews on their site?

Payment Options – What methods of payment does the dispensary accept? Debit, e-transfer, credit cards?

Discretion & Security– What steps does the dispensary take to make sure they’re discreet? Do they encrypt payments, ensure that nothing on your bank statement or credit card indicates you’ve been purchasing cannabis products? Is there appropriate packaging so no smell escapes when handling them for delivery purposes? 

Yukon: Adventure Playground 

The Yukon is a haven for nature lovers, with its lush wilderness and diverse wildlife. Some people come to the territory just so they can enjoy fishing on some remote lakes or hiking through forests that seem like an eternity away from anywhere else in Canada!