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If you’re looking for an amazing experience with concentrate THC diamonds, then you need to look no further. has many different Lit Extract Concentrates ready for you. We offer them in a variety of quantities and flavours to give you high quality, taste, and high potency. Plus, we always have the best prices around! is a reputable online dispensary that cares about our customers.  Check out what our customers say about us!

In the extraction method cannabinoids are cleansed and extracted under the right circumstances can form high concentrated crystal shapes – referred to as diamonds. These concentrates will generally be more expensive due to their high purity levels.

Even though THC diamonds are produced from cannabinoids, THCA and CBD are the most widely recognized types.

Very much like some other concentrate, you’ll have to warm up the diamonds before you can use them for the high. This concentrate can be consumed by dabbing, smoking or vaping. You can also add diamonds to your joint to smoke it. You can simply crush it up and add it into your roll like you would with premium Kief. You can expect to always have consistently knock out quality, taste, and effects from our extracts

When you order your THC Diamonds through, you can be sure that you’ll get the best THCA Diamond price around! We’ve got a variety of different extracts and concentrates of Diamonds weed to fit every taste and need. Plus, our customer service is always available to help with any questions you may have. So whether you’re looking for an amazing high or just some good quality diamonds, we at have you covered!

Cannabis concentrate enthusiasts love the effects of “THC diamonds,” the brilliant, glittering crystalline nuggets made of pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). They’re also huge fans of concentrated terpene sauce and live resin. If you’re looking to up your concentrate game while saving money and enjoying the convenience of mail order cannabis from a Canadian online dispensary, check out our diamond selection…

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(112 Grams) Quarter Pound - Diamonds Mix & Match


(224 Grams) Half Pound - Diamonds Mix & Match


(448 Grams) Pound - Diamonds Mix & Match


2 x 14 Grams - Diamonds Mix & Match


4 x 14 Grams - Diamonds Mix & Match


Lit Extracts Apricot THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Blueberry Haze THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Blueberry MAC THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Chiquita Banana THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Cotton Candy THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts GMO THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Gouda Berry THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Jack Haze THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts King Louis THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Master Tuna THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts MKU THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Pink Panties THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Purple Monkey Balls THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Snow Cone THC Diamonds


Lit Extracts Tropical Punch THC Diamonds

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