cannabis tips for newbies
When it comes to cannabis, most people already know the basics pretty well. But there’s still so much more to discover, which is why we’ve put together this handy list of tips for newbies. From understanding the differences between strains and vaping to choosing the right accessories, these 6 essential tips will have you up to speed in no time.

Dabbing 101

Dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis by inhaling the vaporized active ingredients found in the plant. Dabs are typically made using a solvent, like butane hash oil (BHO), that’s then heated and concentrated on a hot surface until it turns into a combustible solid waxy substance. This substance is then placed on a dabber or other flat tool to be smoked or vaporized, depending on the individual preference. The best way to do this is to use an inexpensive and portable rig, like these titanium nails. The nails are meant for concentrates, so they can withstand the intense heat required from dabbing. They also come with an attached carb cap for easy attachment to any glass piece you have at home. They’re perfect for beginners!

Start with a vape pen

Vaporizer pens are one of the easiest ways to smoke cannabis. They’re discreet and easy to use, which means you can medicate in public without worrying about getting caught. Some people might find it difficult to switch from smoking to vaping because it usually takes a lot of practice. But don’t worry! Vaporizer pens are affordable, so they’re worth the investment if you’re looking for a healthier alternative.

Finding the perfect strain

There are currently more than 400 different strains of cannabis on the market. When you’re first starting out, it can be a little overwhelming to try and decide which strain is right for you. One way to do this is by finding a dispensary with a wide selection available, and then asking their budtenders to help you find your perfect match. But there are also other ways to figure out the best strain for you.
For example, there are only 3 steps to finding the right strain:
  1. Look at your symptoms
  2. Find out how much THC and CBD your body needs
  3. Choose one that has an amount of THC and CBD in it that works for your body

The difference between dry flower and wax

Dry flower is what’s left after you harvest the plant. This includes all of the leaves, stems, and other bits that are not bud or oil. Wax is a form of concentrated cannabis extract that comes from trimming cannabis leaves and/or buds. It’s made by cranking up the amount of THC in particular types of marijuana plants. You can use wax to make edibles or other cannabis-infused products like tinctures, ointments, topicals, and liquids.

Storing cannabis

If you’re just getting started, the right storage method is a must. When storing cannabis, make sure it doesn’t have direct contact with other substances or materials that could create unwanted interactions. Interactions of different types of cannabis in the same package can lead to an increased risk of contamination and/or degradation of potency. Furthermore, keep in mind that the quality of your cannabis will depend on how it’s stored. For instance, if you store your cannabis in the fridge, you might notice some deterioration over time. Chemical reactions like this happen when the temperature fluctuates.

Understanding the differences between strains

A strain is the basic classification for cannabis and can be broken down into two main classifications, indica and sativa. Indica strains are known to be more sedative and relaxing, whereas sativa strains tend to have a higher amount of energy. There’s a lot of overlap between these two, so it’s important to understand the differences so you know what you’re looking for when you go shopping.

Wrapping up: The final word

When it comes to cannabis, there is so much more to learn than the basics. There are several different strains and vaping methods and a wide range of accessories. Make sure you know all about the different types of cannabis before you get started, so you don’t end up with a bad experience.  Visit online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.


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