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Smoking weed is a fun and easy way to relax. When smoked, it can have some very pleasant effects on your mind and body. It can help you feel more relaxed, creative, and hungry! Smoking weed has also been shown to be helpful for those who are experiencing anxiety or depression. Rolling your own joints is an easy way to smoke weed.  Here are some tips on how to roll the perfect joint!

Understanding the Different Parts of a Joint

A joint is a rolled marijuana cigarette; and it is made up of three parts: the paper, the weed, and the filter.

  • The paper is the part that holds all of the weed and filter together.  Rolling papers come in different varieties and it comes down to personal preference.  Hemp, Rice, Flax just to name a few, there are even prefer flavoured ones.  You want to find paper that will burn evenly and won’t get too smoky. Look for pure hemp paper or unbleached rice paper.
  • The cannabis flower is the most important part of a joint.  Just like papers, they come in different varieties.  Depending on the effects you want to achieve, there is a cannabis strain for you
  • The filter is where the user puts their lips on to inhale the joint.  It also keeps the cannabis from falling out when you smoke your joint. 


First, you will need to grind your weed.  Use a weed grinder to evenly grind the flower for into a smooth and consistent texture.  If you don’t have a grinder, you can use your hands to pick the bud apart.  Be careful not to damage the cannabis trichomes as you do this step.  Also, remove any stems or seeds and make sure all the pieces are the same size.  

Next, you will want to prepare your filter.  You can purchase filters at your local dispensary or online dispensary.  However, you can also make your own with a cardboard.  To make one, grab a piece of cardboard, typically from packaging or a business card.  Next, you’ll want to cut it down to size approximately 3 inches x 3/4 inches wide.  Next, fold the cardboard in a zig zag pattern a few times and then roll with the remaining cardboard.

Step by Step Instructions

Now that you’ve made the preparations, lets start rolling!

  1. Fill the rolling paper with your weed, putting the filter on one end of the paper
  2. Roll the joint, pinching the paper between your fingertips
  3. Seal the joint by licking the edge of the paper
  4. Lightly twist the end of the joint to keep the weed from falling out

Rolling Techniques

Rolling a joint can be a time-consuming and complicated process. There’s a lot to consider: the paper, the rolling technique, how it will be lit, and so on. But when done correctly, rolling a joint is much easier than it seems.

Here are some tips for rolling a perfect joint that will result in a nice slow burning smoke:

  • Tightly roll from one end of the joint to the other without leaving any gaps or spaces
  • The rolling paper should be in the size of a cigarette and the width should match the thickness of your fingers
  • Make sure the weed is equal width throughout.  Too thick or too thin at one end will result in uneven airflow when you smoke it.
  • Use a thin rolling paper so that it doesn’t burn too quicklyUntitled-design-56


It may sound complicated but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.  To get your quality cannabis flowers, visit online dispensary.  


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