If you’re an old-school cannabis user, chances are you’ve rolled a joint or blunt. But today’s world is full of new technologies and innovations in the marijuana industry, like dabbing. Dabbing refers to vaporizing your flower concentrates with a nail (or other tool). It takes less time than rolling joints or blunts because it requires no grinding at all – just chambering and inhaling! Dabbers experience quick psychoactive effects due to this method of consumption alone.

What is dabbing? Dabbing involves heating a cannabis extract (like oil) until it vaporizes, releasing an extremely potent vapour for you to inhale. The term ‘dabs’ refers to extracts that contain high levels of THC and can knock you on your ass in less time than it takes for you to draw another breath.

There are many different types of cannabis extracts, depending on their form and extraction methods. Bulkweedinbox.cc will help you to identify the best extract according to your needs, which can be helpful for beginners!

The 411 on Cannabis Extracts

Before looking at some of the best cannabis extracts, let’s look at some of their basics.

High Potency

Just like orange juice, cannabis extracts are made when the most desired compounds in marijuana flowers are distilled. They contain a higher proportion of natural terpenes and cannabinoids than raw weed flowers do.

The natural terpenes and cannabinoids responsible for the aroma, effects, and flavour of cannabis products are those that come in small structures known as trichomes. Extracting these trichomes can also create a condensed buildup or “extract”.

Extraction Method

The cannabis plant matter is blasted or washed with a solvent that bonds to and pulls out the primary compounds, CBD and THC. The solvent is then heated until it evaporates, leaving behind an extremely potent cannabis derivative that has been more refined than before – making for cleaner consumption.

Variation in the production process, such as using a different solvent or working with heat at different temperatures, results in products that vary somewhat.

The solvents used for extraction include:

  • Ethanol
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Carbon dioxide

One of the benefits of dabbing is that it offers options for consumers in both ends of the market spectrum. Consumers who don’t like smoking strains because they are high or don’t enjoy cannabis’s flavour can turn to extracts instead.

Veteran consumers who want something more powerful in terms of flavour and euphoria will be delighted with the variety of dabs that fit the bill.

Best Cannabis Extracts

There are a variety of cannabis extracts available for you to purchase depending on your preferences and needs. Some popular options include tinctures, vape cartridges and other forms that can be consumed through inhalation or ingestion. There is no one perfect form of extract because each has its own unique characteristics- it all comes down to personal preference!

Live Resin

The live resin extract market is rapidly expanding, and it’s easy to see why. This extract has a rich terpene and cannabinoid profile that’s perfect for dabbers or vapers who are looking for something new. Bulkweedinbox.cc say this one of the best extracts on the market so far.

The harvest process for cannabis plants may lead to a devastating impact on the plant’s natural terpenes and aroma. For example, after harvesting buds, the curing process that bud goes through could cause 60% of its natural terpene profile to disintegrate. Live resin is processed in shorter time period than other methods which makes it more potent-it lasts longer due as well.

How It’s Made

Live resin is an extract obtained from fresh-frozen plant matter. This means the cannabis plants are not dried or cured before harvest, meaning they don’t go through any of those steps that other types of cannabis extracts do when harvested.

After freezing, the solvent is passed through a plant material. The final product leaves the solvent at a considerably lower temperature than when other dabs are produced once it exits.

Freezing the cannabis flower right after harvest helps to preserve its terpene profile, natural flavour and aroma during the extract phase. The higher potency of our live resin extracts means they provide a better vaping or dabbing experience!

Consumption Methods

Some cannabis users prefer to vape or dab live resin, which is the concentrated and processed form of marijuana. It smells and tastes just like marijuana. You may apply the live resin to a dab pen or use it with a concentrate vaporizer; either way, you’ll be amazed by the flavor and potency of each hit.

On the other hand, smoking live resin from a joint or a bowl will often see many of the terpenes destroyed by the high heat.

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Hash, or hash oil, is a type of extract produced from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Hash has been around for thousands of years and even triumphed over traditional marijuana in popularity in some areas. It is not just any old extract; it’s extracted at high temperatures that can be fatal to vegetation but don’t destroy THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) molecules as happens with other extracts such as shatter/wax/budder.

Hash is available in different types, including:

  • Bubble Hash, also called Ice Water Hash
  • Dry Sift Hash, also called Dry Sieve Hash

Hash extract in the form of a ball or brick of compressed kief particles. It is dark green to brown and pure because it has been extracted without chemicals or solvents, which means there are no residual chemical toxins. Instead, the trichome removal is done through physical manipulation and temperature adjustments (like rolling).

THC Content

Beginners are often advised to go with hash over other extracts because it’s milder than others. For example, while some extracts boast up to 90 percent THC, hash potency can span from 40-80 percent. It won’t overwhelm beginners when consumed in the correct doses though this is still higher than cannabis flower which ranges from 15-25% on average; however, it will not overwhelm them like a high potency extract would!

Consumption Methods

You can smoke hash either on its own or combined with weed, tobacco, or a pipe. You may roll it into a joint or pack it into a bong.
Some forms of hash are ideal for dabbing. For example, full-melt hashes crumble perfectly when you light them and can melt entirely in a nail, leaving a slight residue.

If you want a stronger and smoother hit, use hash with particular types of vaporizers.

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Shatter” is a cannabis extract that derives its name from its glass-like consistency and tends to shatter like glass if dropped. The typical appearance of “shatter” has the color of hardened tree sap in a honey-like hue.

The general process behind cannabis extraction is that of a pressurized solvent passing over plant matter to extract certain cannabinoids and terpenes. The materials can be anything from marijuana flower buds, to shake or trim.

Butane is the most commonly used solvent to extract shatter, but other solvents may also be applied like ethanol or liquid petroleum gases.


The appearance of shatter varies depending on its quality. Well-extracted, pure shatter will have an appearance similar to honey or golden brown in color. Less pure extracts, however, may take on a more dark brown coloration because they still contain some impurities.

From a taste perspective, lighter-colored shatters boast a cleaner tasting flavor. For example, the color brown is often associated with impurities in beer or wine and therefore indicates darker beers are less desirable due to their lack of clarity.

THC Content

For consumers looking to take in an extraordinarily high level of THC, shatter is a good option. It contains 80 percent THC, which means it causes a pronounced high that kicks in quickly and powerfully. A single hit can be stronger than smoking all the marijuana you have on hand at once! Users may experience immediate intoxication, sedation, and relaxation through their first hit.

Consumption Methods

This type of extract needs to be decarboxylated before it can be vaporized. It is necessary for the desired effects to kick in, usually through a vape pen. Vaporizing takes place by heating up the potent cannabinoids so they are absorbed into our body immediately.

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As a relatively late entrant into the world of cannabis extracts, distillates derived their name from their characteristic potency. Distillates are an extract that has been meticulously and carefully refined through molecular distillation. In other words, it is distilled alcohol!

The final product is a pure form of one specific cannabinoid. The distillate has an aqueous consistency and is therefore difficult to handle in comparison to shatter or wax, which are more brittle. Distillates, however, have the higher price tag when compared with their counterparts on the market today-shatter or wax (distilates are pricier).

THC Content

Distillate extracts are the most potent of cannabis concentrates. It has a higher percentage of THC content than other types, like shatter and wax. Distillates contain less organic material in their final products than other types do so they produce a more pure high with effects that last longer and can be felt across the body. In contrast to these two common methods, distillates have an official range from 40-80 percent THC content while shattering is typically around 80-99 percent or even up to 100 percent depending on what you’re smoking (cannabis flower). If you’re looking for potency in cannabis consumption then this might be your best choice!

Taste and Aroma

Distillate extracts don’t have any flavour or aroma in them, because they’re refined down to a very high standard and leave no space for terpenes. Those who enjoy the aromatic experience of cannabis may not be all that keen on these extractions.

Some concentrate producers actually add terpenes to their distillates. The reason is to introduce tasty flavors and scents into the process, but we just don’t know whether these added terpenes offer the same feelings of wellness as naturally occurring ones.

Consumption Methods

Because of their versatility, there are various ways to consume THC distillates. Available methods include:

  • Edibles
  • Vaporizing
  • Adding to your bowl or joint for smoking
  • Sublingual administration

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The Bottom Line

In contrast to regular weed, cannabis extracts have a stronger punch. They also give you potent highs and more bang for your buck. And of course, the psychoactive high from consuming these extracts will be stronger than those from smoking flower

Besides their potency, most cannabis enthusiasts love dabs because they don’t release as much smoke or scent during inhalation. That said, the best way to find your ideal dab is by trying it out and seeing what works for you. If you’re new to this form of consumption, it’s a good idea to buy extracts from reputable retailers and trusted brands.

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