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Since the inception of the Cannabis plant, man has always looked for better ways to consume the plant for maximum satisfaction sandwiched with the benefits of consuming the plant. The best way through which Cannabis is consumed today is by rolling a joint

Rolling A Joint 

Learning how to roll a joint is the first step towards smoking cannabis, and it is also a trade every cannabis lover must learn at some point in time. Despite the many tips associated with rolling a joint, opting for whatever medium as long as your creation burns smoothly and evenly is about all that matters for a unique smoking experience. 

The Best Way To Roll A Joint 

Before we go into the best ways to roll a joint, here are some tips you should consider for a top-notch smoking experience. They include 

  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch (for the joint crutch or filter)
  • Cannabis Grinder

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Once all the above mentioned items are handled, you can begin rolling your joint.

1.Grind The Weed Properly

When achieving a once-in-a-lifetime smoking experience, the first step is to acquire a grinder to grind your weed. Once you obtain an adequately dried weed, grinding it becomes easy, and this process can be achieved with a grinder, by hand, or better still, with scissors for better results. 

2.Make A Joint Filter/Crutch

Also called the filter or crunch, this component comes from thin cardboards to business cards. Luckily, most joint papers come with crutch materials in the packaging today. During smoking, the crutch or filter stops the Cannabis from falling into your mouth. It gives stability to the joint and allows you to enjoy every bit of Cannabis without burning your fingertips.

3.Add Cannabis to the Rolled Paper

You can not smoke a joint without filling the paper with Cannabis. Then, when the joint has the right amount of Cannabis, users can shake the ground Cannabis leaves with their fingers to make the joint solid and burn with precision when lit up. However, despite the different flavors of designer rolling papers, most cannabis enthusiasts prefer hemp papers. Hemp papers are thin and solid, and they burn evenly without affecting the flavor and taste of your weed.

4.Fill The Joint 

Depending on your desired dosage, rolling becomes the next step once the joint is loaded and shaped. Place the paper between your fingertips and move it back and forth to pack the Cannabis into its final cone shape.

5.Roll The Joint 

The fifth point of this research can either make or break the quality of your joint. To avoid such a situation, fold the detached side of the paper into the roll. Once that is handled, use the glued edge to tack down one end of the rolling paper with moisture to trigger the glue placed on the rolling paper.


For Cannabis newbies seeking to roll that perfect and ideal joint for the first time, all you need to do is go through the 5 points stated above, and you will be thrilled at how simple rolling a joint is. Finally, if you desire the best Cannabis for a once-in-a-lifetime smoking experience, try buying the weed online from an online Cannabis dispensary.


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