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How to Smoke Shatter

Most individuals who buy weed online often ask how to smoke shatter. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Learning how to smoke shatter is an experience every true cannabis enthusiast should undergo. Outlined in this article are the best ways to smoke shatter.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is just what its name showcases, a brittle consistency that shatters when broken apart. This rich cannabis concentrate is extracted from the cannabis plant, and it’s said to be highly potent. Shatter is a staple in an online dispensary due to its fast-acting effects.

How do you Smoke Shatter?

There are many ways to smoke shatter: smoking with a rig, using a vape pen, a bong, the hot knifing method, and even smoke it out of a joint. Each of these methods work effectively and provide great experience.

1. Smoking Shatter with a Rig

A dab rig consists of three important parts that are essential for smoking shatter: a nail, a dome, and a carb cap.

  • First, heat the nail using a blowtorch and place the shatter on the hot nail, covering it with the dome (a round glass piece that fits onto the nail).
    The hot nail turns the shatter into “smoke” while the dome prevents the cannabinoid content from just dissipating.
  • Place the carb cap over the hot nail after applying the shatter to enjoy the shatter at lower temperatures. This enhances the flavor and reduces the severity of your shatter.
    Inhale until there’s no more vapor in your rig.

2. Bong

Here’s how to smoke shatter with a bong:

  • Pack the bowl about halfway through
  • Add a small amount of shatter
  • Fill the other half of the bowl with ground bud
  • Light it up and inhale

3. Joint

Smoking wax in a joint

This procedure is called twaxing, and it is trickier than the other methods.

  • First, heat the shatter gently so that it becomes more malleable, allowing you to shape it into a snake.
  • Push shatter into a joint very slowly to avoid breaking the joint. Also, avoid pushing the shatter to the very bottom of the joint. This will prevent an enormous amount of THC from ending up in an open flame, leading to a loss in potency.
  • Light it up like you would do with a normal joint

4. Hot knifing

Hot Knife Dabs

This is a controversial method due to its risky procedure. This method will require two knives, a stove, and shatter.

  • Heat the two knives on the stovetop.
  • Place the shatter between the knives and it will start generating smoke.
  • Inhale

To make this method more effective, you can use a drinking straw or plastic container to keep the smoke contained.

5. Vape Pen

Vape pens are sold at an online dispensary and offer a convenient way to smoke shatter.

  • Power on the vape pen by clicking the power button five times.
  • Load a small piece of shatter into the chamber of the vape pen by opening the mouthpiece.
  • Once you have sufficient shatter onto the coil, screw the mouthpiece back into place.
  • Hold the power button to heat the coil, causing the shatter to melt into vapor.
  • Inhale and enjoy

Buying shatter online

It is legal to buy shatter online in most online dispensaries. Many online weed stores stock shatter and a variety of cannabis products. If you are looking to buy shatter online, make sure you choose a reputable online dispensary.


Now you must have understood how to smoke shatter using the above methods. Keep in mind that the preferred method will boil down to individual preferences. Ensure to smoke shatter responsibly since its extremely strong.


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