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In the world of weed, you will find different types. These include joint, pipe, bong, and vapes. Knowing the differences between joints and vapes can help anyone who wants to take advantage of these options to do so responsibly.


Joints are simple pieces of paper that often come in a rolling paper or a blunt. They are made of marijuana and are burned, but no combustion takes place. Instead, there is a chemical reaction between the marijuana and the paper that produces smoke. This type of smoke is known as “steam” because it is not dense or “smooth” like smoke from a combustion. When people use a joint, they roll it up into a small cylinder and place it in the corner of the mouth. The joint is lit with a lighter, so that the burning end is taken inside the mouth. The smoke travels through the oral cavity and out of the mouth through the same passageway.


Pipes are made of one or more bowls connected at the top by a stem. The bowls are usually made of clay and the stem of wood. When people use pipes, they put various ingredients in the bowl and burn them, creating a “smoke” that travels through the stem to the mouth. Pipes are very similar to joints in that they are made of marijuana and paper but differ in a few key ways. First, people do not roll the paper and put it in their mouth like they do with joints. Instead, they fill the pipe bowl with marijuana, put the stem in the mouth, and suck smoke through the stem.


A bong is a pipe with a water chamber where the smoke passes through water, cooling it down and creating a “cooler” smoke. This process creates a smoother smoke, which is especially helpful if you want to use the same joint more than once. Water bongs are simply water chamber pipes that have the bowl removed. The water chamber is usually connected to a pipe with a rubber or plastic mouthpiece. When people use a bong, they typically put the bong in a bucket of water that makes the smoke cooler and smoother. This is why bong water is such a popular trend.


Vapes are battery-operated, so there is no risk of fire like with joints, pipes, and bongs. They deliver a vapor that is pre-cooled to around 100°C and can be inhaled and exhaled like smoke. Vapes are made of various substances, including herbs and oils, which are then heated and vaporized. The majority of the current vapes allow users to adjust the temperature and strength of the vapor. Some also have built-in sensors that detect when the user is inhaling so that it’s less likely to produce toxins. Vapes are particularly helpful if you want to use the same joint more than once, since you don’t have to re-roll the joint or put it in your mouth.


Now that you know all the different ways to smoke weed, experiment with various techniques to smoke marijuana and choose the one that suits you best. Everyone has their own personal preferences. Check out Bulkweedinbox.cc online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.

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