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Marijuana is a drug that has been used for centuries, but in recent years it has become more widely accepted. Marijuana is not only legal, but it is also available at local dispensaries and can be used legally in Canada. Tobacco is a legal substances as well, but they have been proven to cause far more harm than marijuanaAre you interested in learning more about marijuana and tobacco? Read on to find out what these substances do to your body.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug that is made from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. It is often used as a recreational drug.  It has been used for centuries and has many uses in different cultures, including medicinal use.

Smoking marijuana is the most popular way to consume it.  It provides a feeling of euphoria. This feeling lasts around an hour and then it starts wearing off. Smoking also gives users a more immediate high than when they eat it or take it in other forms. Marijuana can be smoked on its own or mixed with tobacco or tobacco resins to create “spliffs” which are commonly referred to as blunts by people who smoke marijuana this way.  In addition to being smoked, marijuana can also be taken orally by putting it into food products such as brownies and cookies.

What is Tobacco?

Tobacco is a drug that can cause many different medical conditions. Some are related to nicotine addiction, like asthma and emphysema, while others are related to the effects of smoking on the heart and lungs, like COPD and lung cancer.  Tobacco is responsible for more than 5 million deaths globally every year according to World Health Organization estimates. The number of these deaths is expected to rise significantly if tobacco use continues at its current rate.

Smoking tobacco vs. Smoking Weed

Marijuana and tobacco are both drugs that many people use for their own personal pleasure. Tobacco has been proven to cause cancer and other life-threatening health problems while marijuana has not been found to have these negative side effects. The primary difference between tobacco and marijuana is in terms of addiction potential. While tobacco is a highly addictive substance, it is also relatively easy to quit while Marijuana can be addictive at first, but tends not to be as addictive as tobacco.

Tobacco is dangerous because it contains hundreds of chemicals toxic to humans. Tobacco can cause cancer and lead to heart disease and lung disease. Marijuana, on the other hand, has been said to have no negative health effects when consumed responsibly with moderation.

The difference between smoking marijuana and tobacco is that marijuana doesn’t contain any chemicals that are known to cause harm to a person’s body when smoked or ingested responsibly with moderation. Marijuana contains THC which is responsible for the high that people feel when consuming this drug. It also has CBD that works alongside THC to produce a variety of medical benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and reduced seizures among others

Tobacco contains nicotine which gives people a quick high because it quickly reaches the brain where it binds with nicotinic receptors. Smoking weed produces a high that lasts longer than smoking tobacco because THC takes more time to reach the brain and bind with receptors there (5-10 minutes). Weed does not produce as much of an instant high as cigarettes.


Marijuana and tobacco are the most common recreational substances used by people in the world. This is because each of these substances has a unique effect on the user.  Marijuana seems to have the least adverse effects compared to tobacco. Although it has been proven that marijuana has numerous medical benefits, tobacco has no benefits. offers a huge selection of premium products at affordable prices, along with easy ordering and convenient delivery right to your door!


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