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Indica strains are often referred to as “in da couch” or “couch lock” because of their tendency to leave you feeling lazy, mellow, and comfy. These strains are most commonly used for pain relief, but they also have the added benefit of being excellent for inducing sleep. Indica strains work by affecting receptors in the brain that control sleep and relaxation. This kind of medicinal marijuana is known for its muscle-relaxing effects that can be helpful for body aches and pains, menstrual cramps, headaches, and more. Here are some ways that indica strains can help with your sleep!

Indica strains and sleep

Indica strains are more likely to make you sleepy than sativa strains. Indica strains also come with physical benefits like pain relief and muscle relaxation. For someone struggling with insomnia, this can be an excellent way to get the rest they need every night.

When trying to stop taking your sleeping pill, indica strains may be helpful because of their calming effects. You may not feel as anxious or stressed when smoking indica strains. This allows you to focus more on getting a good night’s sleep and less on how anxious you feel. Even if you don’t want to quit taking your medication and you just want something that will help you sleep better, indica strains can be a healthy alternative.

Benefits of indica strains

Indica strains can help with sleep by promoting relaxation and calmness. Indica strains are known for their ability to induce sleep, which makes them perfect for people who find it hard to get restful sleep. This is because indicas tend to affect the brain’s receptors that control sleep and relaxation. Indica strains also have the added benefit of being excellent for pain relief and muscle relaxation. They can be helpful for body aches, menstrual cramps, headaches, and more.

Which form of indica? (edibles, smoking, vaping)

Indica strains are typically smoked, vaped, or eaten as edibles. Although you can buy indica in different forms, it’s worth noting that smoking is the most common way to consume it. This isn’t bad for you–in fact, some people find it much easier to fall asleep after smoking because vaping or eating can make them feel too high.

Indica strains for anxiety relief

Anxiety is not just a mental health disorder, but it also has physical effects. Stress and anxiety can cause tension and pain in the body, and indica strains can help to relieve this tension. Cannabis will not remove your anxiety completely, but they can provide some relief from the symptoms of anxiety.


Cannabis has been proven to provide a natural alternative to sleep, and has been shown to possess anti-anxiety properties. If you suffer from insomnia, or are looking for a natural way to reduce your anxiety, cannabis is a viable option. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time!  Check out for great deals on cannabis products.

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