8+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

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Select any 8 or more strains and enjoy massive discounts!

Mix and Match ounces for the lowest prices here!

4 or more Ounce Mix & Match

8 or more Ounce Mix & Match
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8 reviews for 8+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

  1. Alan Garrard

    5 stars

  2. Todd Powell

    It’s a great deal, nice to mix things up

  3. Cyrus Standing

    good deal

  4. LizzSholer

    Love the strains I picked great price

  5. Shawn

    Love the fact that you can mix it up. All 8 strains I’ve tried were excellent.

  6. Marie Kyplain-Chartier

    Good rating

  7. Marie Kyplain-Chartier

    Good deal

  8. Lionel Hughey


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