8+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

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Select any 8 or more strains and enjoy massive discounts!

Mix and Match ounces for the lowest prices here!

4 or more Ounce Mix & Match

8 or more Ounce Mix & Match
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Last updated on May 12th, 2022

14 reviews for 8+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

  1. Alexandre Rochefort

    I’ve been using this to grow out my wallet when it comes to personal use, I smoke around an oz every week so being able to buy in such bulk and quality really helps instead of always going to the dispensary

  2. Earl Dearing

    Love getting deals on awesome pot. The cheap ones are as good as alot of the high price ones

  3. Ivy Killa

    Great deal, great product. Highly recommand this deal.

  4. Tony smith

    I love your piem

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