Black Tuna AAA


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Batch: July-14-2022
Size – Small-Med-Large
Texture – Dense, High Sugar
– Gassy
Nose Strength: Med-High
THC Content – 23%
Common Usage – Pain, Loss of Appetite, Depression
Effects – Euphoria, Relax, Sedated

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About Black Tuna Strain:

British Columbia – the land of sweeping views, crisp minty air, and some of the better organic strains in Canada. Thanks to 5 Star Organic there is another delicious and extremely potent strain to add to that legacy.

Black Tuna cannabis is an evenly balanced strain comprised of Lamb’s Bread and Herojuana. This popular Northern strain may be hard to find outside of the region, but if you happen to get your hands on some, don’t be surprised by their whimsical packaging, as this bud sometimes comes in a sealed tuna can!

Though the THC of this strain isn’t particularly high, you’ll find that doesn’t affect much about its appeal. The smell, however, might. Though the flavours are rich in spice and tartness, the aromas lean toward funky and almost putrid. The spiciness of the smoke tends to balance that out, though. Rest assured, these sage and purple coloured buds are well worth the try.


The strength of this bud is largely described as narcotic, and because of this, it is not recommended for beginners and even some intermediate smokers. The high begins relatively easy going, then quickly dives into a hard and loopy state. It will be nearly impossible to keep your eyes open, or even steady for that matter, after just a few minutes.

This cerebral rush ebbs and flows through the high that can sometimes last for hours.

Black Tuna cannabis is a heavy sedative and therefore is beneficial for sufferers of chronic pain, pain due to injury, inflammation, and insomnia. In some cases, a user’s appetite is greatly increased and as a result makes this strain great for the treatment of:

  • anorexia
  • lack of appetite
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • bipolar
  • mild cases of PTSD

Plus other diseases, disorders, or syndromes where hunger is decreased dramatically. Mental health issues and other mood disorders such as depression,  are also manageable with Black Tuna, however, it should not be used as primary treatment.

If you’re wondering why this strain is named after a fish but doesn’t smell like one, you aren’t alone. The name actually comes from the Black Tuna Gang, a well-known group of smugglers that brought large amounts of marijuana to the US from Colombia. Not only does this bud hit hard, but it comes with a historic backstory as well.


28 Grams (OUNCE), 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

4 reviews for Black Tuna AAA

  1. Soren Cairns

    Dense dark green nugs with a strong piney note. Strong indica buzz knocks you silly and lasts. Also great for bowls and bongs because you only need a few hits, but I wouldn’t recommend it for joints and blunts unless you’re sharing and want everyone to shut up and zone out.

  2. A Fraser

    I did buy this again. I really like this one and it is nice to vape with.


    Je veux goûter

  4. Dave Anderson

    Big buds fast smoke love this one

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