Blackberry Kush Shake Weed (1 pound)

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*Disclaimer* Shake might contain stems, leaves and buds*
*Disclaimer* This is low grade budget shake, not recommended for smoking

Available in 1 pound

  • Recommend sifting before using
  • Great for Baking, Vaping, and Making Concentrates

Blackberry Kush Shake Weed

What is Shake?

Shake, quite simply, consists of small pieces of the cannabis flower that have broken off the full flower bud. Shake is found at the bottom of cannabis dispensary jars filled with flower buds or the bag that holds your purchased bud. Shake is a completely normal by-product of handling and moving marijuana flower. It’s used in pre-rolls or sold separately.

It’s important to note, some cannabis consumers look down on shake as being lesser quality. This can be an error in judgment. While shake cannot be compared to a full, top-tier marijuana flower bud, shake can have a decent cannabinoid profile, especially if you purchase your cannabis flower from a high-quality dispensary.

8 reviews for Blackberry Kush Shake Weed (1 pound)

  1. Ivie Gaines

    Love this stuff, great for a tight budget but also awesome to mix and makes stuff last waaaay longer, great to bake with too taste is okay it’s different.

  2. Ethan Mcclain

    Gonna be a great round of edibles this time

  3. Mr Vickers

    it’s cheap and effective, not a bad smoke if you dont mind the cough and well worth the money. You’re gettig more than you pay for well-priced shake.

  4. Elis Wynn

    If I was on a seriously tight budget I could easily smoke an Oz of this stuff. I can’t wait to see how the Cookies turn out.

  5. Rose Brook

    Made some nice canna butter out of this via an extraction with alcohol.

  6. June Hooper

    I have bought this many times it’s great if your on a tight budget. You can mix it or it’s great by itself

  7. NBravo

    I know it’s just shake and but when its only $149 for a pound well worth every penny

  8. Ellwood

    Tried it today smoking it with a bong. Cant do that!! Good product for edibles and will buy again.

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