Bottom Bag Shake (1 pound)

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*Disclaimer* Shake might contain stems, leaves and buds*

Available in 1 pound

  • Recommend sifting before using
  • Great for Baking, Vaping, and Making Concentrates

Last updated on May 12th, 2022

10 reviews for Bottom Bag Shake (1 pound)

  1. Bernard Mackay

    Great bag of shake. Best shake on a budget. Perfect for all uses and doesn’t break the bank. Works well for pain, anxiety, insomnia. thanks for shipping so quickly

  2. Syed Fuller

    Mix with some kief and you wind up spending less than half for the same amount of the bud

  3. Dado Wilson

    First time ordering “shake”…

    The reviews are what gave me the faith to click the order button,
    No conventional bag appeal (WHO GAF) . Look at all that sugar! didnt beleive it till i opened it. Yep Bottom bag no LIE lol
    so many orange hairs in my bag!!!!! where have you been all my life!!

    The Nose, Nasal Nirvana no doubt folks, the nose keeps shifting into a completely different scent as i go breaking the baby buds i find. Its a buffet of scents in there. BUT MY HANDS DOWN favorite strain is death bubba, for its nose, and ability to kill my sleepless nights. im definetly smelling something real close. all in all win!

    The smoke is well balanced (if that makes any sense), not harsh in the lungs case, and slightly heady too.

    Super Happy with the purchase!

  4. [email protected]

    Service was excellent thank you, personally I was little underwhelmwd, my bag is very powdery (there won’t be a single nug in the lb, I can already tell), shake is very fine like when bud comes out of your grinder. Smells nice enough, potency is okay for the price. Will perhaps try a different type nex time, may just be personal taste.

  5. Ray

    Fabtastic for the price have 2 more on the way its so nice. Great smell and taste for what it is

  6. mike hart

    i ordered this friday morning,,,received yesterday,,,,happy with my order again,,this was 3 or 4th pnd i bought from here,,,always impressed,,,so far,,,keep up the good work bwib!!! your works appreciated,,

  7. Papaluigis

    Great stuff!!! Smelly and tasty! Perfect I love it! This is the second time I’ve ordered a pound and it was another great and positive experience!
    Also thank you to everyone at BWIB who helped me out with my order. Great customer service!

  8. Gustav Tsourdebras

    For smokers, the smell is great before rolling and the taste in mouth before lighting up is earthy and fresh. The smoke is prerfumed and confusing; it’s like when you put all sorts of colors together, you’ll always end up with something beige or grey lol.. The effect is potent, as expected from looking at the trichomes, and the after taste is fruity.

    In all, a fine purchase for me once again.

  9. Thomas

    Great quality about a half Oz of popcorn buds

  10. John S

    I will start out by saying thank you to the team at bwib. This is the fourth time I have ordered the 1lb shake and each time it has exceeded my expectations in quality especially for the price. I did have a issue with one of those orders and it was rectified timely. As a medical user I require quality product and I have gotten that each time. When I opened the bag and inhaled, no word of a lie I said out lowed; loudly “Wow”, It had the sweet smell of (Dank on dank, with a side of deasel)
    I then vaped .2 in the solo 2 and again, no word of a lie I was blow away (blazed). I Don’t
    Know if it’s just my batch. It is ridiculously potent. 1 lb. of ridiculously potent weed for $300. Wow.
    I consume canibis daily and have a high tolerance. With bwib I can afford great medicine at very reasonable price. A am a vary happy customer.

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