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Budget Buds – Gassy Glue


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5 Reviews

Buy Budget Buds – Gassy Glue now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Batch: Feb-24-2022

Bud Size: Small

Texture: Med Sugar, Med Dense

Flavour: Gas

Nose Strength: Med

THC Content – 22%

Common Usage – Stressed, Depressed, Migraines

Effects – Energetic, Focused, Happy

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

About Gassy Glue

The name alone clues users into the fact that this strain is something special, as NYC Diesel and Black Domina join forces for the ultimate sativa-dominant hybrid. Kannabia Seeds has a plethora of strains under their belts that have stood up to the test of time, and this well-balanced mix is no exception.

Topping out at 20% THC, Gassy Glue is ideal for more experienced users and newbies who like to take walks on the wild side. Dense bright green buds are often likened to that of bullets, and rich trichome coverage makes this strain great for concentrates and extracts. Citrus, spice, and fuel come together as you smoke for a flavor that’s intense and may induce coughing for some.

When you need to get the most out of your day, and your cannabis, Gassy Glue is a great place to turn. Featuring a classic sativa head high that regular users typically love, it imparts a sense of energy that will help to carry you through the most difficult of days. Focus and creativity soar, allowing you to cheerfully complete everything on your to-do list and then some. A relaxing comedown is to be expected, but unless you indulge too much, you’ll remain pretty darn functional.

Individuals who battle with stress and depression know that marijuana can be a true lifesaver, and Gassy Glue offers a set of effects that make it perfect for treating such conditions. After a few tokes your mental state will be one that’s full of bliss, and any negative thoughts that typically weigh you down will be lifted. Bodily pain including headaches or sore muscles will also be addressed, and as this strain tends to impart a case of the munchies, those with a lack of appetite can use it to enjoy a good solid meal.

Lovers of diesel strains will no doubt be overjoyed when they take their first puff of Gassy Glue, and even if that flavor profile isn’t your favorite, the excellent effects of this bud might change your mind. Save some of this strain for the days when you absolutely have to kick butt or try it on the weekends on a fun outing with friends to see where your creativity takes you.

Budget Buds

28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

5 reviews for Budget Buds – Gassy Glue

  1. Gregg Whitworth

    One of my top-gassy flowers on the market I love it’s high THC levels and overall effects

  2. Carwyn Pike

    Lovin it, I just bought more and will definitely buy more in the near future

  3. Dillon

    Will definitely buy this product again

  4. F Ingram

    I have tried most of the Different gas buds and this one has a high THC level which makes it one of my top favorites plus the price is amazing

  5. Adem Ridley

    Excellent for pain and insomnia, not only getting to sleep but helping stay a sleep. This is my goto relaxation strain at the moment, really nice taking a toke after a hard days work to help wind down.

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