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Budget Buds – White Widow AAA


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2 Reviews

Buy Budget Buds – White Widow AAA now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

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Bud Size: Medium

Texture: Med Dense, Med Sugar

Flavour: Gassy

THC Content – 22.5%

Common Usage – Stress, Depression, Fatigue

Effects – Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

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White Widow Strain Information:

White Widow is a staple sativa-dominant hybrid with strong energizing effects, legendary for its off-the-charts resin production. It was developed as a cross between Brazilian Indica and South Indian sativa landraces by Dutch veterans Green House Seeds in the 1990s. At the time, early varieties such as Northern Lights and Haze were mainly part of the underground cannabis industry, but White Widow has since entered the ranks of these iconic strains, winning an early High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and many awards since then..Bred specifically for a high count of trichomes, White Widow is highly valued in hash production. With some phenotypes exceeding that number, this strain has an average THC composition of 20 percent.
White Widow Buds are chunky and slightly conical and tapered. The flowers’ bud structure is more sativa than indica, with a loose and fluffy texture that, despite its stickiness, can be broken up quite quickly. With few noticeable pistils, the leaves are spring-green.
Buds are completely coated in long-stalked trichomes when successfully grown, providing the whitish-gray appearance that gives the strain its unforgettable name. White Widow, with some traces of earthy pine, is known for having a stinging, ammonia-like smell. Breaking open buds gives off a scent that is more hashy, incense-like. The smooth smoke tastes similarly earthy; the relative lack of flavor of White Widow can disappoint users accustomed to fruity or tasty crossbreeds. That said, when incinerated, White Widow is extremely pungent, so smokers worried about discretion should prepare accordingly.
White Widow can be cultivated from seeds or clones (achieved by planting clippings of mature and healthy plants). While a nearly Mediterranean climate with steady temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit works best, it is a mold-resistant strain, making outdoor cultivation a choice White Widow look much more indica during the vegetative stage, despite a mostly sativa high: plants are bushy and wide, and rarely exceed 6 feet in height. When grown indoors, the plants flower within 9 weeks and, when grown outdoors, are ready for harvest in early October. About 37 to 55 grams (or around 1.3 to 2 ounces) per square foot of plant can be expected from growers.
White Widow shows the excellent results of studied and deliberate cultivation in the Netherlands, as if the Dutch reputation for quality cannabis breeding had not already been developed with highly successful strains such as Big Bud. The super-sticky strain offers a cerebral high that often helps users to stay functional and mindful of their environment, while often daunting in large doses. This strain is an excellent choice for chatty social use, an all-purpose perennial favorite. Its strong genetic base, crossed from Brazilian and South Asian landraces, has made White Widow a valuable crossbreeding plant for experimentation; it has created increasingly common hybrids such as White Russian and The White, among others.
In fast-acting cerebral effects, what this strain lacks in taste profile, it compensates for. Users can become more acutely aware of their environment, tuning into sounds and patterns that may have gone unnoticed before.Enthusiasts often identify an almost immediate mood uplift and an enthusiasm and concentration that can be applied either to mundane activities such as cleaning or to more complicated processes of problem-solving. White Widow can also be of imaginative benefit, establishing a sort of association of quick-fire thinking that can open up some previously unexplored territories. The influence of music or art can be intensified by psychedelic effects including visual distortion and heightened vision, while a very mild body buzz mellows users out. This strain is usually more mentally helpful than physically helpful due to its profoundly cerebral effects.It may help those with attention deficit disorders to keep focused on a single topic. In cases of fatigue or depression, it can also improve energy. Even White Widow has been identified by some users as effective in relieving migraines. The introspective mind-race associated with White Widow can often veer into hysteria because of its potency, and smokers may want to schedule dose accordingly.

Budget Buds

28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

2 reviews for Budget Buds – White Widow AAA

  1. Arturo Copeland

    My first time with this variety, and I’m not disappointed at all. Once the buds warmed to room temperature they have a really very nice aroma. Keep up the good work. Will order again soon

  2. Edgar Casey

    A true workhorse! I believe this strain must have been developed by a breeder that was looking for a strain that would turn anybody into a working machine. This great, stable, classic Sativa gives me so much energy and endurance it’s crazy; it’s like I’m working like a madman!

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