Cannabuzz Assorted Jumbo Gummy Bears (1000mg THC)

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CannaBuzz gummy bears are infused with deliciously real and fruity flavours.

They are handmade from scratch using natural ingredients and high-grade solvent-free extract to satisfy the fussiest gummy edible fiend. It will leave you saying wow and drooling for more


Last updated on May 12th, 2022

4 reviews for Cannabuzz Assorted Jumbo Gummy Bears (1000mg THC)

  1. Boyd Trujillo

    10 huge gummies! Best edibles I’ve ever tried, They taste better than real candy and it’s like they’re freshly made. So soft you cant believe it, I can’t say much for the dosage consistency since I only got one bag, but it was great.

  2. Elwood Amos

    Never seen huge gummy bears before but looks cool so I just had to buy some. So delicious you gotta try em for yourself!!

  3. Zena Cartwright

    Very quick delivery and the exact product I was looking for. Two of these and I get some very sound deep sleep. Can’t go without.

  4. Jareth Fraser

    You just gotta love the size of these things. So juicy, so tasty

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