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Dames Gummy Co. – Orange Creamsicle (200mg THC)

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Disclaimer: Edibles may melt during shipping in hot weather.
Dames Gummy Co. – Orange Creamsicle (200mg THC)  now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

All we have to say is Dames Gummy Co. 200mg THC Gummies are mouthwateringly delicious THC infused gummies.  Dames Gummies are perfect for relaxing after a long day, so kick back, relax, unwind and have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Dosage:  200mg THC per bag (10 x 20mg THC gummies)

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Gelatine, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Pectin, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Oil

7 reviews for Dames Gummy Co. – Orange Creamsicle (200mg THC)

  1. Alanna Berg

    You can’t go wrong with Dames. All these gummies are delish but the Orange Creamsicle is really yummy. Highly recommend.

  2. Lucie Dyer

    These taste so good and have no weed taste at all! They’re also very potent

  3. Ahmed Singh

    The best tasting gummies I’ve ever tried! They remind me exactly like the candies from when I was young. It’s also a great price for a strong high.

  4. Winter2022

    With their quality ingredients and consistent effects, these gummies are a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. Highly recommended!

  5. Mckinney

    Every flavour is good but this one is my favours. Gets you feeling the way you want to. Would recommend

  6. Jacqueline Shields

    Love the taste and texture of these. One of my favourite gummies

  7. Raymond

    So good, great taste! These are one’s of our favorites! Would totally recommend !!

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