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Hashish is the moment at which the essence of cannabis (the trichomes) parts ways with the plant material itself. This is achieved when the ripe and resinous gland heads that line the surface of female cannabis plants are separated and collected.

Texture: Medium Soft

Colour: Dark Brown


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What is Hash

Hashish, also referred to simply as hash, is a cannabis concentrate that’s typically inhaled or smoked. Hashish is also made using a few different methods. The essential steps are removing the trichome glands from a cannabis plant. Secondly repeatedly compressing them to form a hardened, solid piece.

It’s arguably one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates. With written texts referring to hashish dating as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries. The varying look and feel of hashish are closely tied to its history and the method used to make it

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10 reviews for Habibi Hash

  1. Boudi

    Not bad for the price, although I can find the same cheaper.

  2. Alexandre Thomson

    Cant beat the pricing and the high is exactly what any hash connoisseur is looking for.

  3. Zack Fernandez

    Love the texture and quality consistency. This is always on my list to order.

  4. Mohamed

    For what i paid, I can’t complain at all. Good hash.

  5. Shannan Morley

    Nice aroma, nice flavour, light mild buzz but you get ripped doing blades.

  6. Bautista

    Great hash for the price! Awesome for knives or joints. A solid choice. Will buy again

  7. Sasha White

    I put this good hash in a joint with weed. Great high

  8. S Wickens

    Descent hash for the money , nice taste and a good old skool hash buzz.

  9. AdelleNeale

    Smooth taste, burns nice. Could be a little stronger, but not bad for price.

  10. Brandon Drew

    Strong high that mellow you right out. Perfect after a long stressful day at work!

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