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Hindu Kush AAA+ Budget Buds


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29 Reviews

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Batch: Jan-24-2024

Bud Size: Large

Texture: Dense

Sugar Content: High Sugar

Flavour: Gassy

Nose Strength: Medium

THC Content – 24-27%

Common Usage – Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Effects – Sleepy, Relaxing, Euphoric

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Hindu Kush Strain Review:

Hindu Kush Effects:

Sleepy, hungry, relaxed

Hindu Kush May Help Relieve:

Anxiety, pain, stress

3 Highlights of Hindu Kush

  • The buds have an earthy sweet aroma reminiscent of damp soil and a touch of lemon zest, one of the most distinctive flavors you will find when smoking or vaporizing this strain.
  • It is a great strain for relaxation purposes, but moderate doses are recommended
  • The Indica genetics are evident; the Hindu Kush is a dense short plant with buds that form in large clusters.

Hindu Kush Strain Introduction

Hindu Kush is a classic Indica strain that has been around since the 1970s. The effects are relaxing and sedative, great for easing pain and stress. Hindu Kush is also known to help with insomnia and headaches.

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between two legendary cannabis strains: Hindu Kush and Afghani. It’s named after the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan, where Europeans first discovered it in 1804. It was originally named “Hashish” because it resembles hashish resin, but it eventually became known as Hindu Kush due to its popularity with hippies in the 1960s.

Hindu Kush is an easygoing indica strain that can provide strong relaxation effects at any time of day. Its qualities make it excellent for evening use. The cannabis strain produces heavy yields of bright green buds coated with white trichomes (hairs) and sticky resin glands. The smoke from this hybrid is sweet and earthy, with notes of intense woodsy aromas and flavors that linger on the palate for hours after consumption.

Effects of Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain

Hindu Kush is a super-dense indica that’s famous for its amazing, heavy high. This strain is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. A sleepy, hungry, relaxed high makes you want to curl up in bed with a good book and some snacks.

The high starts with an extremely strong body buzz that keeps your muscles loose and relaxed. It’s hard to think straight, but it feels really good!

After about an hour or so of this initial buzz, the effects fade away so that you’re left feeling just as awake as before but also more alert and focused. The body buzz has mostly dissipated by the end of the experience, leaving just a nice general feeling of warmth and happiness. The high subsides after three to four hours, but it can take up to eight hours before you start feeling like yourself again.

You may also get paranoid while you’re high on this strain, but that’s not necessarily bad! It’s just part of what makes this strain so great. It can take away your inhibitions and make you feel free to express yourself in ways that are usually too risky or difficult for most people while sober (although we wouldn’t recommend driving or operating machinery after consuming this strain).

Appearance, Flavor, & Aroma of Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush cannabis strain is a shorter and stockier plant characterized by low-lying branches and broad fan leaves. The purple tinge of the cannabis plant is what makes it special, but its appearance can also be deceiving. The buds are dense, compact, and covered with resin glands—a sign that cannabis is ready to harvest (and smoked).

Hindu Kush is a spicy, earthy, herbal strain with a woody finish. The aroma is spicy, with notes of sage and cedarwood reminiscent of a forest floor. The flavor is similar—a sharp, herbal taste that coats your tongue with a pine-like flavor that makes you think you’re in the woods.

Its smoke has a very smooth texture for an Indica strain. It starts smooth and creamy but then becomes woody as the effects set in. The inhale is sweet, earthy, and spicy. With each breath, you’ll get more of the rich, creamy flavor of Hindu Kush. The exhale has a woody note—similar to the smell of incense burning in a room.

Medical Uses of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a strain with a lot of history and a few medical uses. It was originally bred in Afghanistan and has been used to treat everything from insomnia to joint pain.

Its medicinal properties are derived from its high THC content, making it useful for treating chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Users report feelings of euphoria and relaxation that are heightened by the high THC levels.

This strain is also effective at treating nausea. This makes it an excellent choice for people undergoing chemotherapy who need relief from nausea.

Possible Side Effects

This strain can cause some users side effects, such as paranoia and dry eyes. It’s important to remember that these side effects are not always present in every user and may only be experienced by people who aren’t accustomed to the strain.

If you notice any of these side effects after using this strain, you should go slow on dosage. You need to determine if these side effects are overwhelming or simply part of the experience of using this strain.

Final Words

Hindu Kush is one of the purest Indica strains available, and it’s often used to treat patients suffering from insomnia or muscle spasms. The name of this strain comes from its native mountainous roots, where it grows in abundance. This flower can also grow outdoors and indoors, though it tends to grow better indoors. This strain has a deep earthiness and sweetness that will take you on a ride of pure relaxation without the harshness of some Kush phenotypes. If you want an evening of restful slumber with mild aches and pains alleviated, this might be the strain for you.


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Budget Buds

28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

29 reviews for Hindu Kush AAA+ Budget Buds

  1. kaboshe

    awesome strain, fits my indica preference neatly!

    great looks,great smell,perfect taste.

    would definetly buy again

  2. petejohnson

    A good looking bud with a lot of trichomes but i think they are more show than tell 🙂

  3. H Neale

    Good cheap indica buzz thanks bulkweed. I alway keep a cheapy on hand for when your partners friends come over LOL

  4. Kara Lucero

    Loved this one!! Helped my back pain

  5. Reese

    Clean burn with white ash and good flavour. Recommended if you enjoy a good indica

  6. Lilli Sutherland

    it’s covered in sexy trichomes. It smells heavily with an earthy pungency and citrus that works well together. You can really taste the terps any way you smoke this. Definitely worthy of a buy!

  7. Pete T

    This is one of my favourite strains and it seems better than the previous batch

  8. Fern Horn

    Unfortunaetly to me this batch is only worth 3.5 stars. Still nice but expected more.

  9. Budbroad420

    Love the high and decent flavour. Little harsh on the throat but hey, it’s not a toke until you choke right? Really enjoyed this strain.

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