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Bud Size:
Texture: Med Dense, Med-High Sugar
Nose Strength: Medium
THC Content – 18-22%
Common Usage – Anxiety, Depression, Pain
Effects – Sleepy, Relaxing, Euphoric


Last updated on May 12th, 2022

Last updated on December 4th, 2022

About Hindu Kush Strain

Hindu Kush is a potent pure indica. It is indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The meaning of the word “Kush” is disputed, and has been traced back to a Persian term for “Hindu killer” (in reference to the danger of crossing the inhospitable mountains) as well as to Avestan words meaning simply “water mountain.”

The aroma of this strain is very complex, with a simultaneously sweet and musky scent, redolent of spice, sandalwood, pine, and wet earth. The musky odor intensifies when flowers are combusted and smoked. The resulting smoke is harsh and cough-inducing; when exhaled, smoke tastes vaguely like pine.

Hindu Kush boasts a slowly-mounting high that begins as a sense of physical relaxation and then progresses toward a state of mental fogginess. Users will feel a heavy sensation in the limbs and head. The feeling of couchlock is commonly reported: users may have thoughts or intentions of getting up to perform a task, but will just as happily remain motionless.

Because of its heavy body stone, Hindu Kush is not recommended for active daytime use. Instead, it works well as a numbing agent for:


Budget Buds

28 Grams (OUNCE), 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

14 reviews for Hindu Kush AAA Budget Buds

  1. R Fischer

    A solid 4.5 upon further review, definitely in top 3 for flavour, buzz is wonderful, buds are awesome. Burn is great and long and the price is right. Must try!

  2. Lyla-Rose Glover

    One of my favourite strains of all time, and very good for the price I should have gotten more

  3. Haiden Herman

    pretty average strain but thats what you get for $50

  4. antoine

    Amazing strain which is potent and flavorful. I would say it takes a few minutes to feel the full effects but once you do, you’re left with a very calming high, yet functional 🙂
    I would recommend, especially at that price which is hard to beat!

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