Lit Extracts Amsterdam Blue Dream THC Live Resin Cartridge – 1200MG

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Lit Extracts THC Vape Cartridges are potent and compatible with any 510 thread vape. Each cart is filled with THC live resin from top shelf flowers grown in British Columbia. Users can expect a smooth and flavourful vapour with lasting effects.

Size: 1200mg
Strain: Hybrid
*Does not come with battery or pen – CARTRIDGE ONLY*


Lit Extracts Amsterdam Blue Dream Vape:

Lit Extracts provides the best quality concentrates at the best prices possible. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from our extracts. All concentrates from Lit Extracts are sourced from premium flower grown in Beautiful British Columbia. Lit Extracts Amsterdam Blue Dream THC Live Resin Cartridge is a great one to be tried out by everyone.

Amsterdam Blue Dream Strain:

Amsterdam Blue Dream Live Resin cartridge is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. This strain produces a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. Blue dream is 18% THC but has a low CBD percentage. Making this potent strain a fan favorite of both novice and veteran cannabis consumers.

In terms of flavour, Amsterdam Blue Dream is reported to smell and taste like sweet berries.

Medical marijuana patients often use Lit Extracts Amsterdam Blue Dream live resin cartridge to treat symptoms of;

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6 reviews for Lit Extracts Amsterdam Blue Dream THC Live Resin Cartridge – 1200MG

  1. Danyal Perkins

    Wow the taste

  2. Patrik Donaldson

    Amazing head high that gets u threw the day amazing taste as well

  3. Sharyn Hopkins

    First off wanna say love the work you guys putting in! This Amsterdam blue dream is hands down my favourite strain or concentrate you guys carry. It has a sweet fruity flavour and strong lasting high. Would recommend to any fellow stoners out there!

  4. Jaye Paine

    Gotta live this stuff1 Wont buy another brand again, these work excellent

  5. [email protected]

    Great high

  6. Burton

    Vapour disappears fast and the high is spot-on, crazy munchies and good vibes.

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