Lit Extracts Funky Charms Shatter


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Strain: Hybrid

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022

Last updated on March 20th, 2023

Lit Extracts Funky Charms Shatter Information:

Lit extracts Funky Charms Shatter provides the best quality concentrates at the best prices possible. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from our extracts. All concentrates from Lit Extracts are sourced from premium flower grown in Beautiful British Columbia.


1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

4 reviews for Lit Extracts Funky Charms Shatter

  1. petejohnson

    Nice sweet taste, dry eyes. I love this strain as much as zkittlez

  2. Zach Wu

    I’ve really been loving this strain the past month. Something about it hits so nice every-time.

  3. Pauline Riddle

    Its has a balanced cerebral high at first, you feel energized and happy.

  4. W Ferrell

    It slowly reaches your whole body and you’re left feeling very relaxed.

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