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Lit Extracts Galactic Cake Shatter


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8 Reviews


Buy Lit Extracts Galactic Cake Shatter now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Galactic Cake is a 50/50 hybrid phenotype of Space Cake. Galactic Cake has a deliciously nuanced fragrance. Sweet top notes of caramel and berries give way to sour fuel and citrus, with a subtle nuttiness in the margins. It produces a smooth smoke and balanced, calming effects that are equally suitable for daytime or evening use.

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8 reviews for Lit Extracts Galactic Cake Shatter

  1. Frank Lynn

    A good strain to use if you plan on being in public. I don’t feel paranoid or anxious, instead I feel in complete control of my body. It just makes me more outgoing.

  2. Alina Trujillo

    The high is too good. It’s very strong. It boosts up your energy, happiness, hunger, and all that good stuff.

  3. RLeblanc

    Exclusively only buy strong strains now. If I had to recommend 1 strain on this site, it would be this strain.

  4. Lukas Haney

    Extremely clear head high. I felt like I could hear my thoughts out loud

  5. Kaiden Le

    It works very well for my anxiety, and the pain.

  6. Saad Lawson

    A serious go-to strain.

  7. F Bullock

    Very, very nice, up, fun buzz.

  8. Nikita

    Wonderful taste. Really smooth.

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