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Lit Extracts Lemon Candy Shatter


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Buy Lit Extracts Lemon Candy Shatter now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

This strain has been granted the most delicious name in the history of mankind. Lemon Candy was realized by joining the forces of  an American indica and NYC Diesel. The pungent and lemony scents of NYC Diesel mixed with the sweetness of American indica go hand-in-hand, delivering a citrus delicacy for the everyday cannabis consumer. Lemon Candy will give you a rush of euphoria and uplifting pleasure, which evolves into a more relaxing and chilled high.

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15 reviews for Lit Extracts Lemon Candy Shatter

  1. Savannah Haynes

    This strain effectively relieved my aches and pains. It boasts a delicious taste and goes down smoothly.

  2. Umar Shields

    This strain really helped with my aches and pains. It has a great taste and goes down smoothly.

  3. Madeleine Marshall

    The high is instant and very powerful, beware the strength! This shatter is quite clear

  4. Otto

    Great buzz!!!!

  5. Seamus Henderson

    I saw this famous name so I just had to try it – lol. It lived up to its name

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