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Lit Extracts Lemon Cheesecake Shatter


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13 Reviews


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Lemon Cheesecake, also known as “Lemon Cheese,” is a hybrid marijuana strain. Fragrant and unique, Lemon Cheesecake is the result of a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cheese. Its buds put off a powerful musky, earthy, and skunky aroma, while the flavor profile comes across a bit skunky with a sweet, creamy lemon flavor. Lemon Cheesecake’s colas are coated in trichomes that nearly swallow fan leaves as they swell into dense buds. The high can be cerebral and uplifting, making this a great strain for creative activities.

Strain: Hybrid

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13 reviews for Lit Extracts Lemon Cheesecake Shatter

  1. Gloria Jones

    One of my favourites. Soo tasteful and excellent buzz

  2. Frederic Holt

    Amazing stuff definitely recommend, will buy again.

  3. Mason Casey

    Great hybrid high, classic stain. Smooth dabs very uplifting

  4. Ali Connor

    I fired off a couple dabs, they were smooth, but I did cough. The smoke itself was quite thick and heavy. The buzz enveloped me. I was wrecked off two dabs. Would I recommend this product? Yes, yes I would.

  5. Sonny Summers

    This is shatter hit the spot so good. The high is a definite hard hitter just the way i like it

  6. Poppie Villanueva

    i like this happy vibe i get from dabbing this.

  7. Aliya Sharpe

    I did not have a setup to smoke shatter and tried it in my bong, oh well it was so good, tasted good and hit instantly. You will get so energized with this, you have to try this! I give a rating of 5 / 5.

  8. Sarah Boyd

    Nice clear amber colour, pretty clean, and super strong

  9. Alisa Sanford

    great texture, shatters nicely and its always good to dab nice shatter. good taste and high as well

  10. Fin Serrano

    Smooth, great smoke, and a nice looking colour to it. No bad after taste

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