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Lit Extracts Mango Sorbet Shatter


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14 Reviews


Buy Lit Extracts Mango Sorbet Shatter now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Mango Sorbet, also known as “Mango Sorbetto,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain crated through a delicious cross of Mango Kush X Sorbet. Best known for its insanely tasty flavor, Mango Sorbet brings on the mouthwatering tastes, with hints of sugary berries and fresh sweet mango with a rich tropical overtone. Mango Sorbet’s high starts with a relaxing cerebral build in the back of the head, and is tingly and slightly numbing. You’ll feel an influx of creative energy and focus just before your body drops away into a heavy, long-lasting physical high

Strain: Hybrid

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14 reviews for Lit Extracts Mango Sorbet Shatter

  1. Oskar Gamble

    One dab of this and I swear I held the torch and rig for ten mins just zoned out. This is gonna be a reoccurring shatter for me

  2. Dean Tate

    This was total fun smoking this. Didnt know what buzz i’d get from such a fruity strain

  3. J Dunlap

    Great hybrid. i’d say the effects were about accurate. the sativa part is awesome, indicas gave me good naps, im definitely buying again. 👌🏽

  4. Kane Lozano

    Awesome stuff it tastes great! I’ll be back for more 🙂

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