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Lit Extracts Space Candy Budder Vape Cartridge – 1200MG

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6 Reviews


Buy Lit Extracts Space Candy Budder Vape Cartridge – 1200MG now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Lit Extracts THC Vape Cartridges are potent and compatible with any 510 thread vape. Each cart is filled with extracts from top shelf flowers grown in British Columbia. Users can expect a smooth and flavorful vapor with lasting effects.

Size: 1200MG

Strain: Indica

*Does not come with battery or pen – CARTRIDGE ONLY*

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Lit Extracts Space Candy Budder Vape:

Lit Extracts Space Candy is the best quality concentrates at the best prices possible. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from our extracts. All concentrates from Lit Extracts are sourced from premium flower grown in Beautiful British Columbia. Lit Extracts Biscotti THC Vape Cartridge is a great one to be tried out by everyone.

Space Candy Strain

Space candy strain is a even hybrid at 50% indica and sativa. It has has an interesting cross between Cherry Space Queen and Cotton Candy. This strain gives an uplifting feeling, a blend of mind and body high which is great for social outings. Space candy has a unique flavour profile which consist of sweet candy apple flavour and undertones of sour cherry and  hint of nuts. The Aroma is earthy with a sweet nutty smell. Space Candy has roughly a THC content of 21% on average. Also great for those looking for a bolt of creative juices.

Space candy is a great strain for people suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain

6 reviews for Lit Extracts Space Candy Budder Vape Cartridge – 1200MG

  1. Pete T

    Bought some carts, and personally I’m not the vape type of person, however it did give me some energized effects and I really did enjoy it

  2. Spike Stokes

    It tastes like a a bag of candy. lmao and gets high AF

  3. Owen Alford

    Smooth Vapecart. Excellent indeed!! Hits high & tastes great in all departments. Extremely well balanced and best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon or after the work day is over and you just want to relax but do small tasks. Another top choice. Keep up the great work!

  4. Reegan Walsh

    Best flavour ever!!! Such a great price while on sale. Will have to pick up a few more

  5. Hugh Parrish

    These carts are tremendous! Staying calm and anxiety free lately thanks to these guys 😉 no negative feedback whatsoever. Please keep them around!

  6. Hutchings

    Absolutely love the all glass vape cart. It hits great and taste out of this world best vape cart on the market. All I can say is wow

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