10 or More – Lit Vapes Mix & Match

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022

7 reviews for 10 or More – Lit Vapes Mix & Match

  1. Jane W

    This is my favourite way to buy vapes. Nothing better than a discount on great products

  2. William

    First timer

  3. William

    This is my first time buying these

  4. William

    Oh my god this is the best shit I’ve ever bought

  5. William

    I love buying carts at a discount

  6. James

    First time

  7. Maurice Piquette

    One of the best deals on the internet! LIT carts are made in Canada, are either 600ml or 1200ml and can be refilled several times with distillate. I purchase these to refill with Distillate, also purchased from BWIB.
    I rate the quality of the full carts as VG and the reuse of the carts as a EX!
    BWIB is an exceptionally well run operation but sometimes things happen. Should this occur, initiate an email to VINCE explaining your concern, including pictures if possible and any valid complaint will be dealt with in a most professional manner! (This applies to the Vancouver operation)
    I recommend BWIB to all my friends!

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