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Master Kush Shake Weed (1 pound)

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13 Reviews


*Disclaimer* Shake might contain stems, leaves and buds*

Available in 1 pound

  • Recommend sifting before using
  • Great for Baking, Vaping, and Making Concentrates

Master Kush Shake Weed

What is Shake?

Shake, quite simply, consists of small pieces of the cannabis flower that have broken off the full flower bud. Shake is found at the bottom of cannabis dispensary jars filled with flower buds or the bag that holds your purchased bud. Shake is a completely normal by-product of handling and moving marijuana flower. It’s used in pre-rolls or sold separately.

It’s important to note, some cannabis consumers look down on shake as being lesser quality. This can be an error in judgment. While shake cannot be compared to a full, top-tier marijuana flower bud, shake can have a decent cannabinoid profile, especially if you purchase your cannabis flower from a high-quality dispensary.

13 reviews for Master Kush Shake Weed (1 pound)

  1. petejohnson

    This tastes great once in concentrate form but not my top pick and wouldnt smoke it

  2. Edgar Ferguson

    Good shake … no need to sort anything … you can start the cooking process right awy.

  3. Jenna Wheeler

    Bright buzz in edibles, not a lot of system lag. Great for socializing.

  4. Rhonda Obrien

    Right out of the bag and simmer down some great butter.

  5. J Burch

    This stuff was loaded with keif. Great for making tinctures

  6. M Strong

    This is awesome price for shake. Excellent for canna butter.

  7. Mcconnell

    Great stuff and one of the biggest steals since legalization. VERY stratified

  8. Hazel Navarro

    Happy not much waste did some baking haven’t had a complaint as a matter a fact everyone love it

  9. Dalton House

    Great for making edibles.. I recommend these. Delivered quantity was good as well

  10. Annalise Reid

    I got these big greens and we are going to have it on the weekend. Man, I can’t wait.

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