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Mikro – Apple THC Gummies 100mg

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Each Mikro THC gummy contains 5mg of high quality, ethically sourced THC.

Dose slow: start with one gummy, increasing your dosage by 5-10mg every 90 minutes as necessary in order to allow the gummy to be fully digested and the THC to be fully absorbed into your endocannabinoid system.


Mikro – Apple THC Gummies 100mg

In a world where excess is everywhere, it can be hard not to go overboard when you’re looking to begin integrating edibles into your daily holistic wellness routine. At Mikro, we believe that cannabis should be accessible, and that belief includes ensuring that options for accurately measured microdosing and dosing for canna-beginners are available to Canadians who want them.

Enjoying the health and wellness benefits of edibles shouldn’t be a gamble; that’s why Mikro edibles help you gauge the exact dose you need for your ideal cannabis experience. With Mikro, you can trust that you’ll feel the same effect, every single time, and that you’re in control of deciding the right dose for your unique needs.

Finding your perfect dose requires precision. And at Mikro, precision is our priority.

5 reviews for Mikro – Apple THC Gummies 100mg

  1. Aamina Tucker

    The apple flavour is enjoyable. It’s a nice little micro dose for times when you don’t want to be too high.

  2. K Erickson

    Super nice little gummies, perfect for micro dosing. Apple ones taste good as you would expect.

  3. Macdonald

    These gummies taste good like an apple Jolly rancher but with a hint of cannabis taste. The effects are fairly mild but nice vibe. Good for micro dosing.

  4. Brett Brennan

    Apple is a great flavour from Mikro and I like to keep these around. A must try for anyone looking for a tasty gummy

  5. Saba Carpenter

    All Mikro products are top notch and the Pear flavour may be the best next to Lime. Love these gummies

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