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4+ Ounces Mushrooms Mix & Match

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16 Reviews

From: $190.00

Select any 4 (Ounce) options of Mushrooms down below!

Mix and Match ounces for the lowest prices here!

4 or more Ounce Mix & Match

8 or more Ounce Mix & Match
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16 reviews for 4+ Ounces Mushrooms Mix & Match

  1. Cole Beasley

    Having a choice is amazing. You get to try a little bit of each variation and from there choose which ones will be on your list of favourites.

  2. Bronte Harrell

    Outstanding quality, service, and price. Truly amazing!

  3. Alisa Blankenship

    Fantastic deal and an exceptional product!

  4. Vivianne Virtue

    I would like 4oz of mushrooms at 4750 an ounce

  5. Vivianne Virtue

    Very satisfied

  6. Zainab Wagner

    Awesome! Now I can enjoy getting high every week! LOL

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