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OneStop – Mango CBD Gummies 500mg

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Skip the health and wellness premium attached to edible brands that flaunt their holistic healing properties and label their price tags accordingly, and get straight to having a blast with OneStop.

Mango OneStop CBD gummies give you the best flavour and quality bang for your buck you could’ve asked for: with 500mg CBD divided into 10 50mg CBD gummies. All OneStop CBD edibles are made using the highest quality premium CBD on the market.

OneStop – Mango CBD Gummies 500mg

3 reviews for OneStop – Mango CBD Gummies 500mg

  1. Gerry Golany

    Have been using these for a few months, and they really help with chronic back pain issues from which I suffer. Good product, fair price, quick and easy processing and shipping. Thanx.

  2. Nora Bruce

    Great for relieving cramps during menstrual cycles. Highly recommended! Even Tylenol can’t match up to this.

  3. Ema Bird

    I loved these. Great flavour and superb CBD quality

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