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Potluck – Strawberry THC Gummies 200mg

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8 Reviews


Developed in collaboration between the most notable pioneers in the Canadian cannabis extracts industry, Potluck Gummies are crafted with care, diligence, and precision. Created with the modern cannabis connoisseur in mind, Potluck’s mission is to provide unrelenting quality at an accessible price, without compromising purity and taste.

Made using only top quality full spectrum cannabis oil and all-natural flavours, each gummy contains 20mg of THC.


Potluck – Strawberry THC Gummies 200mg

8 reviews for Potluck – Strawberry THC Gummies 200mg

  1. Naima Montgomery

    I really enjoy these! While not as strong as expected, the flavour is fantastic, and the bag’s aroma is unforgettable, just like a fresh strawberry patch. Possibly the best-smelling gummies available. :3

  2. Johnathan Marsh

    I was warned about melting during shipping in summer months; they arrived soft, but not stuck together. I order these regularly, and usually add a few side treats.

  3. Jordan Black

    These are my go-to for a good night’s sleep. Right through to my alarm going off. This has greatly improved my quality of life.

  4. Lulu Summers

    Love these, great flavour and great effects. I’ve already repurchased these many times and will continue to

  5. Maddie Pittman

    I am so pleased with these gummies. The buzz and taste are fabulous! I highly recommend!!!!

  6. Musa V

    Tasty, good for those who want a lighter option. Not the best value in my opinion, but if your looking for a light functional dose for milling about your day, this is for you.

  7. Trinity Snow

    We enjoy these, nice flavors. Fast delivery. Will purchase again

  8. Sara Buck

    These gummies have so much flavour it’s hard to say no.

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