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Trident Hash


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14 Reviews


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Hashish is the moment at which the essence of cannabis (the trichomes) parts ways with the plant material itself. This is achieved when the ripe and resinous gland heads that line the surface of female cannabis plants are separated and collected. Processes to achieve resin separation have been practiced for centuries; however, the rapid rise of cannabis legalization in the western world has brought new methods in hash preparation that are sweeping legal markets by storm.

Colour: Very Dark Brown
Texture: Semi Soft, Sticky

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Hashish or hash is made from the resin (a secreted gum) of the cannabis plant. It is dried and pressed into small blocks and smoked. It can also be added to food and eaten. The resin is rich in THC, the main mind-altering ingredient found in the cannabis plant. Marijuana also comes from the cannabis plant. It is made from dried flowers and leaves of the plant.

As with marijuana, people who use hashish may experience a pleasant euphoria and sense of relaxation. Other common effects may include heightened sensory perception (such as brighter colors), laughter, altered perception of time, and increased appetite.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

14 reviews for Trident Hash

  1. C Howell

    Soft, crumbly and delicious. This is much nicer than the harder hash.

  2. Sweeney

    Trident hash is my fav, then Lebanese, then moroccan. This is all we smoked in the 80’s & 90’s

  3. A Mcintyre

    Trident hash has always been my number 1 choice since i was a teenager. Love the way this one crumbles after burning. Feel like a kid again

  4. Damon Hubbard

    Boy I love hash! This jet fuel is very strong high with surprisingly euphoric effects. A long lasting high and a perfect crumble when burning it

  5. Lacie Salazar

    Beautiful hash…… great high…… amazing price

  6. Reid

    Great hash you can smoke it in pretty much anything and get a good buzz

  7. Rubio

    this is old school mailable style hash. Seems to be made with the use of hash oil. Good Job!

  8. Rueben Vega

    Very nice. Best smoked in a pipe, bong or joint as it crumbles up easily. Not as good if you smoke it with a pin and a glass

  9. Natalie Cook

    Really nice hash. Not too sticky, not too hard. Smells and tastes great. Can be a bit harsh if you take too big a draw but a very pleasant buzz.

  10. Taha Barajas

    I just love the selection of hash on here. Must be the best selection in Canada. Smooth smoke with Trident, taste great

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