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Wedding Cake – Budget Kief


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12 Reviews

Buy Wedding Cake – Budget Kief now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Kief can be used much like flower or concentrate. It’s more potent than flower, but not quite as strong as concentrates, so it provides a great balance for a variety of uses. Add it to your bowl, roll it into a joint, press it into hash, or even add it to your morning latte!

Available in 14 Grams, 28 Grams, and Half Pound

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Wedding Cake Budget Kief

What is Kief

The cannabis plant is covered in resinous glands called trichomes, which contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds. Trichomes look like crystals. When these trichomes dry and break off of the plant, they become kief.

Kief is usually darker than trichomes, ranging from gold to brown. It’s a powdery substance that is somewhat sticky, though less so than trichomes on a bud. Another name for kief is “pollen.”

The powder is commonly collected in grinders. These are used to break down cannabis into small, even pieces for rolling or to pack bowls. Grinders usually have a separate chamber at the bottom called a kief catcher for this purpose.

Kief can be added to bowls or joints for an added kick. It can also be pressed into hash.

When buying kief at a dispensary or retail store, keep in mind that purer kief will have a lighter colour. Kief that looks dark or green still has a bit of plant matter mixed in, whereas kief that has been cleaned well tends to be more of an off-white colour.

Kief can be used much like flower or concentrate. It’s more potent than flower, but not quite as strong as concentrates, so it provides a great balance for a variety of uses:

  • Add it to your bowl
  • roll it into a joint
  • press it into hash
  • or even add it to your morning latte!
Wedding Cake Budget Kief strain

Wedding Cake kief strain gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavour. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a cherry pie. It works as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms.

It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. Although it might not completely hamper your focus and energy levels, it will cause the usual drying out of eyes and mouth.


14 Grams, 28 Grams, Half Pound

12 reviews for Wedding Cake – Budget Kief

  1. EileenMclean

    Used it for edibles, as a topping and I add it to my joints when out fishing to give it an extra kick.

  2. Mariah Mcmillan

    This stuff was awesome! A little sprinkle into a doobie and everything is more groovy

  3. Ralphy Ochoa

    Strong kief here. Really smooth on the bong, 10/10 would highly recommend. I received mine the next day.

  4. Ian Sanford

    i love the texture and surprisingly high THC level then i thought

  5. Elwood Waller

    Awesome stuff for the evening. Sticky and densely packed in the tin, but sprinkles easily.

  6. Dominik Ratliff

    This is amazing, i’ve only ordered from here twice and this was one of the things i reordered. I personally like mixing it with my bud. Strong but not overpowering. Perfect!

  7. Havin Jarvis

    First time trying it. Mixed in a joint it was very good, will try it again soon

  8. Mark Solomon

    I love how kief can turn any of your joint into an amazing high. Just be careful to choose the ones that are not too much on the indica side because you might get locked on your couch.

  9. Travis Murray

    I make sure to add this yummy kief to every order I make. Sprinkled upon ANY bud of choice leaves me satisfied 100%

  10. Adina J

    this is awesome. i was even hoping it would be that strong but it is. its give a great extra kick to any strain. Will order again.

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