Willo 1000mg THC Mapple Pie (Night) Gummies

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Buy Willo 1000mg THC Mapple Pie (Night) Gummies now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Who says you can’t enjoy the flavors of autumn all year? The classic Canadian flavors of maple syrup and sour granny smith apples combined to create a tasty and familiar flavor. This gummy has a sweet, tart, buttery flavor.

– 10 gummies/bag x 100mg each

– 1000mg THC (indica) per bag

– Winterized CO2 full spectrum oil

Willo 1000mg THC Mapple Pie (Night) Gummies

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, water, gelatin, sorbitol, lab-tested CO2 full spectrum oil, green apple flavor, maple flavor, citric acid, corn starch, grapeseed oil, potassium sorbate, food coloring

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight (like the fridge!)

*These are the strongest gummies Willo has ever made! New users are recommended to try out our 200mg gummy line before moving on to these bad boys. Experienced users are recommended to start with half a gummy and wait for effects before slowly increasing dosage. Remember, it can take 2-3 hours to feel the effects.

6 reviews for Willo 1000mg THC Mapple Pie (Night) Gummies

  1. Ortiz

    I would definitely buy again happy with the taste and buzz try them out

  2. Emil Baker

    Take two and get everything done! Loved these I did not get couch locked or anything just felt amazing, definitely sleepy though

  3. ChloeJimenez

    Tasted just like a normal gummy, no aftertaste! I’m not often a fan of sugar-coated edibles, so these were good!

  4. Leonard Hill

    I was happy with the product and I would definitely buy again happy with the taste and buzz. try them out

  5. Tiana Hanna

    I really enjoyed the maple pie very much. I would purchase these again

  6. Carlo Valenzuela

    I was really impressed with these little cubes . They are delicious in flavour and are great because they dont come on too heavy its a nice feeling the entire time .

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