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  1. 276377

    Annika Cooper

    I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not usually a fan of disposables, but this one is smooth! The flavour is strong and not as sweet as you might expect, but it's great for those who enjoy that "weedy" resin taste!

  2. 276375

    Maxwell Hooper

    These taste good and hit well. I wish they were available in dual chambers. The Death Bubba strain is excellent.

  3. 247811

    Eleanor Maxwell

    The dual chamber vape is a dependable option.

  4. 247806

    Anne Hodges

    The vape is a game-changer! It's convenient and potent.

  5. 9984


    It's purple kush! It's a classic. Was not disappointed by any means. Little pricy but was good!

  6. 186653

    Ricardo Hampton

    One of my favourite wake up strains. Full clarity, energy and focus.

  7. 276495


    Woo, I really enjoyed this sweet smoke! The smell was intense. This is my other all time favou rite, I felt an instant euphoric high and was very relaxed.

  8. 276497

    Alia Turner

    My go to hybrid vape now. Always!!

  9. 106219

    Francesca H

    Belle buds, bonne odeur et apparence bien, je recommande.

  10. 83365

    Lisa Gross

    Im glad to see this strain back on the menu. A bit of a mixed bag of colours but quite a nice smoke

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