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  1. 234334

    Antonia Frost

    I got this strain because I wanted pot that wouldn’t make me feel tired. A taste of Chapo has made the list of one of my very top favourites. I originally got it to see how it would work, and it works wonderfully.

  2. 186022

    Mercedes Stein

    Gives you a strong mind high. Awesmowe!!

  3. 163719

    Esther Woodward

    This strain is totally where it’s at if u suffer from anxiety or depression and it seems to energize me target than zone me out

  4. 135256

    Alejandro D

    This stuff was straight top notch, the smell was full of terpenes and the price was awesome!

  5. 135256

    Mike Alexander

    For Purple Space Cookies DIAMONDS! Straight up AWESOME!!

  6. 234305


    BW has many different concentrate strain that makes I feel better right away. this one is an amazing day-time strain. Completely zaps depression and negativity. Wonderful for a proper wake & bake and getting things done.

  7. 52361

    Karen Heath

    Gimme any of these with fruit flavours and I'm happy. Purchased these many times and will again:)

  8. 49085

    Maisie Bowen

    The effects of these gummies were very soothing to say the least. Texture wise, I was picking them out of my teeth for quite some time after taking them.

  9. 52382

    Jonty Combs

    Take every night before bed, have the best sleeps

  10. 205054

    Lacey R

    Really appreciate this production. Highly recommended! Help me sleeping better

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