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  1. 24845


    Best strain I've ever smoked! it was calm and relaxing while stimulating my brain and making me want to do things, especially artsy stuff. Also granted a fantastic sleep!

  2. 32900


    Took my anxiety away, feeling creative. nice mellow high, mind bending

  3. 32921


    Takes a while and then sneaks up. Two pea sized nugs in the bowl. Happy and very thought-focused head trip to start. Waves of altered time perception. After 1/2 hour, realized my face was getting sore from intense smiling. Excellent.

  4. 56845


    The smell from the bag is earthy, reminds me of the colours green and brown, with a little bit of spice. Looks quite small in the bag and expands upon grinding. Nice crystals, bright colour. The taste is unremarkable. immediate head haze, it strikes me in what feels like the front of my head.

  5. 5082


    it's a kind of high you don't really realize is there until you go to do something

  6. 2762


    It delivers the tingly full body sensation of an Indica plant, while at the same time an uplifting cerebral high.

  7. 8165


    good stoned experience jus like the descriprion said!

  8. 4148


    This strain was amazing usually after I smoke I get a slight nauseous feeling but after this, oh man. It was a fantastic euphoric feeling and all my cares went away. I do however am sad the high didn't last too long. but all in all I loved it

  9. 52051


    delicious. good for pain for sure and it has a tasty woodsy flavor that is incredible. one of my FAVORITE strains

  10. 35545


    this strain really makes you relax it takes your anxiety away it also looks like a christmas tree with snow on it looks beautiful as well.

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