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  1. 51985


    The tropical flavor is strong in this one, as is the smell. Pineapple is a good name for it. Accurate to the picture, these medium-sized nugs have a fair coating of trichomes and they bust up nice in a grinder. It's a slow-burning smoke that leaves you ready to tackle your daily routine. Get this one if you want to have a productive day.

  2. 8135

    Maureen Jacobson

    Never tried sour before but i thought id give it a go. Glad i did. Probably my favourite vape now

  3. 52392

    Effie Castro

    Ill take the big kush anyday. Great deal when doubling up. Coming back for sure

  4. 52399

    Lucian Davenport

    Take a hit of this while watching the movie, you'll think youre James Franko. Great customer service when chatting with you.

  5. 52395

    Mikey Lutz

    Smooth Vape. Excellent indeed!! Hits high & tastes great in all departments. Extremely well balanced and best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon or after the work day is over and you just want to relax but do small tasks. Another top choice. Keep up the great work!

  6. 52400

    Rylee Ho

    This strain has got to be one of my favourites, its been my favourite since the first time I smoked it!!! Tastes just as good in this vape

  7. 52450

    Akbar Kay

    So many amazing flavours, but GGC is mine. Get high anywhere. well built product

  8. 49390

    Ivy John

    This is perfectly cured with a heavy sweet floral aroma. My favour bud, now my favourite vape!

  9. 52398

    Allan Montes

    THis is delicious and work great. just tried mine out, arrived in two days.

  10. 52389

    Ayomide Penn

    Oh banana kush..... I take you with me day and night. Youre a real delight! How can they ship so fast? just ordered yesterday

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