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  1. 375


    very good for AA+ bud. enjoyed

  2. 10498


    This stuff looks insane. high is great too!

  3. 10008


    Strong uplift with this one!

  4. 11326


    The High is nice, contain small buds and a lot of kief! Perfect for joint and vape. Thanks bwi for this product 👍

  5. 12226


    It's okay, it was on the 420 special at 60 bucks after delivery for 14g. Definetly didnt blow me away, very leafy and stems but for the deal I suppose I should have suspected as much. Packaging was great, vacuum sealed and in as smell proof bag.

  6. 1332


    I got a bud as a freebie and it was nice. Didn't need a glass to see all the crystals and it smells dank. Tasty and a good buzz. Would definitely purchase more.

  7. 3392


    It's black hash...reminds me of the 80s.. Got an ounce and will be back for more. Loving it

  8. 5082


    Very good , could be groomed a tinch more , but still very nice, packs a punch

  9. 5670


    Hi : just place my 1st order cant wait ! I'll leave a review or reviews as I get ,look, taste ""eat"" hopefully smoke,I'll include the level and feelings of the high. # says it's on its way already! Love that....sirknight420

  10. 10798


    Je ne suis pas fan de Sativa, car j’aime l’effet relaxant du THC, mais avec seulement 20% de CBD c’est un mélange parfait. Ne fait pas dormir debout donne envie de sortir tout en étant relax ! J’adore

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